Friday, August 21, 2009

Niagara On The Lake

Staycation- Part 2
You can read part 1 of my staycation here.

The second day of my staycation we went to Niagara On The Lake. It's a beautiful little town in Canada. We crossed the border at Niagara Falls and took the senic route down river road. If you have never done this I highly recommend it. It is such a beautiful ride!! Along the way there are many wineries and we stopped at many. My husband & I are partital to Ice Wine. Many years ago we tried it and fell in love. We both prefer sweeter wine and Ice Wine is like a yummy dessert. Here are a few shots from Inniskillin. (it has changed a TON over the years...I think I need to do some scanning for a take me back tuesday post)

Niagara On The Lake is full of little shops and resturants.Niagara On The Lake hold a special place in my heart because my mother's mom's family are from there. My mom spent many summers there as a child. It has changed a ton over the years. It was great to take my mom back there when my son was younger and have her tell me all about it. The building below is what my mom called the cop shop which is the police station where my great-great grandpa worked for a while (not sure what he did).

The historic building below was actually where my grandmother's father (PAPA) grew up. My grandmother has photos of herself chasing chickens in the side yard. My mother has shutters that were from the inside of this house that she uses til this day as a screen. When my grandmother was a child there was a porch all around the house. When they made it a historical landmark they took off the porch. It is so interesting to listen to my mother talk about Niagara On The Lake and what it looked like when she was a child. She is going to get the photos from my grandmother so we can scan them in and pick her brain for more info on the cute little town. I think it would make for a fantastic Take Me Back Tuesday post.

This is the sign that stands outside the house.Currently the house is being used as a suite at the Queen's Landing Hotel. Before the Queens Landing built their hotel on this land there was a log cabin in which my great great uncle Goring lived in, he was the one who drove the maid of the mist, remember here. (His brother blew glass, remember here.) After my Great Great Great Grandparents passed away they left the land to my great-great uncle, Goring. Goring sold that parcel of land to the Queens Landing.On the way home we stopped at what as a child I used to call the Man In The Sky. It's actually called Brock's Monument. I don't remember visiting the monument as a child. When we walked up to it and found out you can go inside. Actually you can walk all the way up it to the look out which is under his feet (for a fee). We opted out of doing that this trip.
This is a monument for Laura Ingersoll Secord and the view from behind the monument. This monument is on the right before you get to Brock's Monument.There was only one thing I didn't get to take a photo of because I forgot. One of my grandmother's paintings is in the back of a resturant/bar in Niagara On The Lake. I guess I will have to do it next time. Thank you mom for letting me ask you all of those questions about our family again and for calling grandma tonight and picking her brain.

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Jingle said...

Wow! These are great photos! I would love to visit this place! Those buildings alone are gorgeous!

A New England Girl said...

This looks like such a beautiful area. I would love to visit! And I love how you and your family have such a strong connection to the area. It must be so nice to walk around and have people point things out to you. I also love the look of the wineries. Ice Wine is the best!! :)

Unknown said...

Wow what a beautiful place!

Lauranie said...

It is beautiful! I am a History person so I love hearing and reading about this type of "stuff"! Great pictures and stories! I lived outside of Napa for a while and LOVED going to the Wineries. We called it the Sunday Stroll and Stumble!! :D

vivian said...

I was just there a few weeks ago.. well, maybe a couple months ago would be more accurate! I went with a few blogger pals! It is really pretty there. the flowers the line the streets are beautiful and there are so many fun places to shop. and really, its not to far from home at all!
have agreat day.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

thanks for that little trip. i used to go to niagra on the lake all the time when i lived in toronto and it was nice to see it again!

Muthering Heights said...

Wow, what a beautiful place!!

Anonymous said...

beautifully captured the architecture of the place!

Anya said...

Its very beautiful there,
fantastic pictures,
(I wish I was there ;)

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