Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Take Me Back Tuesday

A Giveaway Addicted Mommy

September 2001

When I was a baby I received this Raggedy Ann (made by knickerbocker) stuffed doll. I still have the same Raggedy Ann today. She is now my daughter's. She has her original dress, pinafore (with hankercheif) and bloomers.

My mother has a photo of me when I was a baby laughing at the Raggedy Ann doll (I will have to scan it in when I go to my parents house next time I am there). When My son was born I put that Raggedy Ann doll in his crib.He thought she was pretty funny, too.
This is one of my favorite pictures, but I wish I would have scanned it in at a higher DPI. Note to self...when scanning in photos change the 'standard' settings. These last 2 photos were taken with my Minolta 35mm right after I bought it.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me Monday - wk9

Welcome to my 9th week of Not me! Monday.

This week I did not change around my blog in an attempt to make it look a bit cleaner. Not at all because every time I posted my blog link to facebook it wouldn't pull the photo's I wanted it to. I did not read a TON of code and tutorials and did not rewrite most of my blog code myself. I know I could pay for a new design...I am not frugal. I also do not like writing code at all. Actually, I have a degree in Engineering Science and in college (way back when) I learned how to write code. At the time when I learned how to write code the wild world of the Internet wasn't like it is today, though.


There are now 4 columns, one post column on the left and 3 on the right side (one wide at the top & 2 below that).

I also did not add a navigation bar. I had installed one a few weeks ago with photo buttons I made, but I prefer just text now. It is not driving me insane because that text is underlined and I have no idea on how to make it not underlined. Oh well.

I did not add the blog contest widgets to the bottom of my blog. I have to thank Sara from Subjective Beauty for posting an answer and a tutorial to my question about scroll bars. She ROCKS!! The scroll bar saves soooo much space on my blog. She also has another tutorial on how to add a moving marque scroll bar. Check out her ask sara posts for all the tutorials.

On Saturday I did not host a shower for my friend at her house. I am her only bridesmaid in her July 25th wedding (you can click here to see my bridesmaid dress). I did not make an army of wedding cakes as my present (62 total, but who's counting? Not ME!).I also did not make an army of daisies as favors and description holders for the food.I did not spend 3 hours making the food on Friday. I did not make Chicken Wing Dip, Taco Dip, Chile & Cheese Spirals, GoGo Asiago Dip and Beer Bread. I was not pissed because someone volunteered to bring the tortilla chips & punch bowl showed up 30 minutes late....and didn't even say she was sorry! Oh yeah...the punch bowl was dirty, too. While there I did not get to see the sassy girl (bride to be's daughter) I watched during summers for the past 3 years. This summer she isn't coming to my home because they moved. I do not miss her one bit. *sniff*
After opening presents I did not make this beautiful hat for my friend. I would not make her stand there so I could take photos of her wearing it. She loves me!! =D
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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Citar

"A three-year-old child is a being who gets almost as much fun out of a fifty-six dollar set of swings as it does out of finding a small green worm." Bill Vaughn

Welcome to Sunday Citar! This blog quote meme was created by http://www.freshmommyblog.com/. You can stop by her blog to see the quotes and photos that she and everyone else is loving right now.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Goody Giveaway at Allen Designs

I have 3 of her blocks , love, hold onto love & create. I absolutely love them. Love & Hold onto Love are in my new kitchen on the sill above my sink. I have the create block in my dining room where I usually play with my clay. Go on over to her blog here for a chance to win. (or do not so I have a better chance to win...hehehehe)

Free Glidden Paint

Glidden is giving away one free quart of eggshell paint in choice of color (while supplies last) now through July 2nd! I let Ian choose what color he wanted. He picked the True Turquoise.
What color are you going to choose?

***updated to add***
Demand was so high, they are out of free quarts - now $5 rebate on any can/color of their new paint. Click here to find out more.

Friday, June 26, 2009

My tiny house - PART 1

I live in a Tiny House.

My house is just under a 1000 sq. feet. What is funny about that is I told my husband that I didn't want to look at any homes under 1000 sq feet. When we looked at it 4 summers ago we had no idea the square footage of this home. It was an open house and it was not on the listing.

Our house has 3 bedrooms. Not included in the square footage is the partially finished basement and a full usable attic. Since we have been here we have painted all of the rooms except mine and my son's (his is next), taken down hideous wallpaper, ripped out bushes, remodeled the kitchen, ripped out carpet, blew in insulation, replaced the hot water tank, replaced the furnace, added air conditioning along with many other little projects. Someone asked me recently about what I did about space. Well, all I have to suggest is to go vertical. When remodeling my kitchen I made sure we had lower cabinets that we had drawers in. This way my husband can't ask me where things are because he can pull out the shelves and see where everything is.

So here are photos of my kitchen before:

I have to share that the counter top on this side was NOT screwed down and moved. Also, there was a piece of wood on the end...that also was not screwed down. After we ripped them out, we realized that the one cabinet was from the other side where the dishwasher is now.When my kitchen was like this we had all of our food in the basement. I had no room in my cabinets for my food.I absolutely hated this tile! While talking to my grandmother one day about the kitchen remodel she emphatically told me that I could not remove such beautiful tile. Ummmm...sure...I like some old retro things, but this was awful!While creating my kitchen using IKEA the kitchen software it would keep telling me that the bottom cabinets were not far enough apart. LOL, yes we can not open both sides at the same time...I guess now a days people have to have everything open at the same time. I couldn't figure out what to do with that window. We can touch my neighbors house (not really), so we put that privacy film on the whole window. It lets in the light, but my neighbor can not see in.
The garbage can is in that cabinet to the left of the sink. You pull out the cabinet and it is in it. I found the long narrow garbage can at Target. Please disregard all the dishes in the sink. LOL....at least the counters were clean when I took the photos. Psst...they are not clean now. I have plans for that basement door. Our kitty litter is in the basement, so that door is open all the time. I am planning on painting both sides white. The one side I am going to paint with magnetic primer 1st. Then make 2 blocks (one on top and one on bottom) and paint them with black chalkboard paint. I bought the paint already, but I am going to do it August when I get past the other things we have going on.

All of our cabinets, counter top and faucet are from IKEA, our hardware we bought at Target and the reused our old sink. In the photo above that cabinet with the doors has 2 shelves that pull out. So does the high cabinet (cabinet with the pumpkin on it) where all of my food is.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Giveaway Thursday 6/25

January Wish is giving away handmade ornaments from Audrey Eclectic. (ends 7/3)

Rae Gin Ramblings is giving away a crayon cozy. (ends 6/26)

Rae Gun Ramblings
is giving away a pair of playground shorts. (ends 7/3)

A Blog of Goodies is giving away a Strawberry Mango Tutu from Ballerina Bells . (ends 7/6)

is giving away cupcake blog candy. (ends 7/1)

Our Little Family is giving away a choice of 4 different things from her etsy shop, Festive Frills for little jacks and jills. (ends 6/26)

A little etsy love is giving away a Let Them Be Little sterling silver photo necklace from Wind Blown Wishes. (ends 6/25)

30 Days is giving away a $50GC to Banner Boutique. (ends 7/30)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

This is the first u-turn I asked my husband to make for me on Sunday. This sign made us laugh. If it's seasonal, how come it is open all year long?

Happy Wordless (almost) Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I ♥ Faces - Week 24

This week’s theme is: "Let's Hear It For The Boys!"

This photo is of my son.

It represents him perfectly...
always happy,
wearing his collar up
and that toothless grin always shining!

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Take Me Back Tuesday

I forgot to post these at the end of last month. I want to say Happy Anniversary to my sister and her husband. They were married May 31, 2003.

Wow, so many things have changed since then. Ian was the only grand baby and wasn't even 2 yrs old.
The day of the wedding it rained all morning. My sister was married outside in the Old Economy Village. We walked down the isle with golf umbrellas. My brother in law said his mom was crying on them from heaven. You see his mother died on the Mother's day before the wedding. (only 2 weeks before) It stopped raining as soon as the ceremony was over. We ended up taking some beautiful photos. (most are in my scrapbook...these are some of the extras I scanned in my PC or were e-mailed to me)

My son was not even 2 yrs old. It is so wild to think he is almost 8!When I showed my husband this photo of Ian this week he did not even recognise him. BTW...my son was not in the wedding, but I did find this outfit on sale at Burlington Coat Factory and it just happened to be the same color my sister used in the tux my father wore. I bought it way before I knew that.My parents...
Happy Belated Anniversary!
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