Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Circa 2008
Hope you and your family have a wonderful day!

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Saturday, March 30, 2013


Yesterday Lily & I had a mommy & me day.  Our whole family went to the mall and while daddy & Ian went to the movies to see Gi Joe, Lily & I hung out and shopped.  We had such a great time together.  It's something I haven't done in a while and I am so glad I did.  Lily kept repeating she was having a great time just us 'girls'.  

We checked out lots of stores and when we went into Build A Bear (which was a zoo) we saw these 2 My Little Ponies sitting on the checkout counter.
Turns out our store here in Buffalo is having a My Little Pony Party next Saturday.  Lily is beyond excited!!  I signed her up (you have to RSVP to attend) and she can not wait to make a Rainbow Dash.  (That is the one she decided she wants to make.)

I guess not all stores are having the My Little Pony party.  I called my sister and her's isn't (she lives outside of Pittsburgh).  The stores are selling the ponies beginning April 1st.  

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Pegasus Unicorn

Lily has been asking me for a while to make her a pegasus unicorn. She decided I should do it this morning because I have the day off of work for good Friday.  She picked out the colors and gave me direction.  It was funny listening to Lily give me direction.  Jeff kept smiling across the table listening to her. 
She is very happy with how her charm came out.  I also made a cloud charm and plan on making her a necklace with them. 

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Little Mermaid Necklaces

Here they are....
Lily looked at both of them and decided she wants this one...
I think I will be auctioning off the other one below on my facebook page.
Here they are next to a dime so you have a better size reference.
Now I just need to make a couple more for my nieces.  :)

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wordful Wednesday - Work in Progress

Sneak peek of what I have been working on...
I have had these metal pieces for a while now.  
 I finally pulled them out last night and made a couple mermaid necklaces.

Just for size prospective, the cameo is about 29x38mm and the center is about 18x25mm.

Lily approves.  ;) 

I made 2 of them, one for Lily and one to sell.  I can not wait to take photos of the finished products this morning.  :)

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I have said before, when we are in Disney World we love to visit Epcot, especially the Japan pavilion. 

They are the best place to find pokemon items.  :)  Including food....
The first time we were there Ian bought some candy.  Some were better than others.  His favorite is this pokemon chocolate bar and couldn't wait to buy more when we were there in January..
In each package there is a chocolate bar with a different pokemon stamped in the bar. (There were also different wrappers featuring different pokemon.)

 The other kind he liked looked like different kinds of m&m's, but I never got a photo of them before they were all eaten.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Scrap & Spa 2013

A week ago I went on my annual scrap & spa trip.  My friends & I have been going to scrap & spa for almost 10yrs now. About 3 years ago I switched to digital scrapbooking.  While I miss the ease of printing rolls of film and cropping them, I love being able to take more photos.  This was the 1st year I got lots of pages done.  I spent most of my time scrapbooking this year's photos.   

These shots were taken on Main St in Magic Kingdom in the hat shop (they are just a few of the photos I scrapbooked). The old fashioned phone is so much fun!!  Not to mention trying on the ears.  ;)

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Growing Kids

Man I am feeling old!
And short!  Photo on the left is from July (2012) and the one on the right is from January (2013).  I have come to the conclusion that my children need to stop growing!! 

The family photo on my right sidebar is from May 2011.

*sigh* kids grow too fast...

seems like yesterday they were babies...

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wordful Wednesday - Spring

Not feeling like spring here today is western NY.  It is pretty chilly out there with a fresh dusting of snow.  Thankfully the sun is out melting it again.
Hopefully soon it will get warm enough here to see flowers.   Until then, I shall look through old photos and dream.
I took these photos on our 2011 Disney trip to the Epcot's Flower & Garden festival. 
The toparies are so pretty.  I loved checking out the butterflies in the butterfly exhibit.
I even let Ian take a picture of me.  :)
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Now Open

The shop is now open for a limited time...

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Love is all you need...

I shared my new print addition to my wall yesterday.  Wanna know how I made it? 
I purchased the All you need is LOVE chalkboard picture as a jpg file is from Canvas Shoppe.  It is $5.00 and it comes with instructions on how to print it.
Now here is the tricky part.

I do NOT have a Staples here in Buffalo.

First tried to pay and have it printed by uploading it to office max & office dept and then go and pick it up.  FAIL.  Does not work, do not try it.  After finally uploading it to one, paying and then getting a call an hour later from my local store saying that they can not fulfill my order because they do not have a printer large enough...and then having to call another number to get a pain in the butt. 
I decided to finally get off my butt and take a drive over to my local Fed Ex store (used to be kinkos) and talk to someone there.  I wish I would have done it earlier.  It would have saved me a lot of time and energy.  They not only could print it, they printed it while I waited and a 24" x 36" one was under $5.00ea.  I bought 2.  One for me and one for a present for my friend.  (They will tell you that it will be's ok)

I purchased the huge foam core board at Michaels.  I had to ask the framing ppl for a larger piece than they had on their sales floor.
I used spray adhesive to attach the poster to the foam board.  I sprayed the foam board outside and brought it inside to lay the poster on top.  (I was going to use a brayer tool to smooth out the bubbles, but found it leaves marks so I ended up just using my hands.)
I let the glue dry overnight.  I used an exacto knife and ruler to cut off all the white.
I gave one to my friend and then I made myself one.

I hung it to the wall using the command strips for picture hanging. 

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