Thursday, May 31, 2012


Most of last weekend was spent making these....

Saying I have been busy is an understatement.  :D
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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wordful Wednesday - Memorial Day Parade

We went to watch the parade on Memorial Day to watch Ian march with cadet band.   We have never gone to watch a parade in town.  (bowing head in shame...we have lived in this town for 10yrs now)
We figured out where we wanted to watch the parade and waited....and waited....and waited. We got there a bit early.  O_o
Lily was a bit grumpy because she really didn't like the mini green bugs that seemed to be everywhere and it was HOT.  (She is petrified of everything lately.)
She really wasn't cooperating with me at all...the i-pod touch was the saving grace.  Did I mention it was H.O.T!?
Then finally all the waiting was worth it.  We could finally see IAN coming!!
There he is...
And then he was gone....
Ian spent most of the parade looking for us in the crowd....we were close to the end of the parade route...oops.  He did spot us though....who couldn't with us hooting and hollering.  :D 

He told me he had a great time and definitely wants to do it again next year.  

What did you do on Memorial Day?

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day!
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wordful Wednesday - Trays

It has been a crazy busy around here.  The kids have had lots of things going on with school (concerts, practices, kindergarten stuff for next year, field trips, etc).  In between all of that my shop has been crazy busy, too.  I have been quickly filling up trays with orders.

Many late nights and many more to come.

Only 4 more weeks of school and 47 more days until our vacation!!  :)

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Big Band

Today is another concert.  Ian is performing at Martin's Fantasy Island today with band and chorus.

On Thursday he had Cadet Band practice.  I was paparazzi mom....

No mistaking where my kid is in the crowd.  He is the one with the HUGE instrument. 
I can not wait to see them march in the parade.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wordful Wednesday - The Doc Is In

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sunday Citar - Mom

Mother, the ribbons of your love are woven around my heart.  ~Author Unknown
These photos are circa September 1983.   I am not quite 10 and my sister is not quite 7.  (Our birthday's are both in November.) Smurfs and rainbows!  LOVE it!

Love you mom!  

Happy Mother's Day! 

Thank you for stopping by Sunday Citar! This blog quote meme was created by Fresh Mommy. You can stop by her blog to see the quotes and photos that she and everyone else is loving right now.

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Dear So & So

Almost forgot to write this post....and it's going to be a short one.

Dear Jeff,
Please put sunscreen on our kid next time.  I just about fell over when Ian walked into the house on Sunday night.  I was just shocked, you out of all people (mister pale as pale can be) forgot!
Love Ian & Lily's mom.

Dear Ian,
I am sorry you were burnt that badly.  It pained me to see you in that much pain.  Next time you need to remind your father.
Love Mom

Dear Lily,
Stop complaining about bad pieces and start EATING!

Dear Amy,
See you tomorrow.

And because this post is so short....a picture that I think sums it up.

 Dear So and So...

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Lily woke up and LOVED her.  She asked for a few more flowers in her hair and I was more than happy to add them.
Now I just need to string the necklace.  I am going to wait to do that because I have a few more special pieces to make for more outfits.  ;D
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wordful Wednesday - Inspiration

Tonight I was inspired to create a bead to match Lily's new Rapunzel Dress my mom made. 
Before Lily went to bed she helped pick out colors and gave me a bit of direction...she told me she wanted a crystal on her.  :D
Hope when she wakes up she loves her as much as I do.  :D

Edited to add: You can see Rapunzel finished here.

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Hope you have a wonderful day!
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Monday, May 7, 2012

Disney Autograph Books

Last year when we went to Disney I had talked to the kids a bit about what we were going to do and see.  I had talked about Pin Trading and seeing Characters.  Both of my kids didn't really understand the Pin Trading thing and I figured that neither would care for autographs...they would just rather meet them and get their photos with them.

Well I was wrong.  Day one at the parks and the very first thing my son did was buy a pen and autograph book with his spending money.  He purchased the blue one with the main characters on it.  Lily on the other hand didn't want signatures at all the first day (we asked her periodically throughout the day if she wanted a book) and on the morning of day 2 promptly asked us before we left for the park if she could buy her own book and pen.  She got a Tinkerbell one.  (Just a FYI, those books have less pages than the regular book, but have sleeves for photos.)  Through the rest of our trip Disney World they were on a mission to see characters and collect signatures.  Lily ran out of room in her first book and we ended up having to buy her a second book.  Ian almost filled his up (I think he has 1 or 2 pages left).
Over Christmas break I ordered the photos from our trip for their books and when adding them to the books I learned a few things....

While I like the books from Disney, they are not large enough to hold printed photos when you get home.  The standard 4inch photos are just a smidge too big for them.  The photos are also a smidge to big for those special sleeves in the Tinkerbell & Princess autograph books.  Could I crop the photos?  Sure, but I like to take photos that you do not have to crop, KWIM?  I also prefer to take vertical shots of my kids with the character instead of horizontal (because the character is so much taller than my kid most of the time).
Also when you start adding photos to the blue one and fill it, the book no longer closes....all those photos make it too thick.
Disney does sell a larger book (for more money), but there are about as many pages as in the Tinkerbell one.  You see my kids do not care if they already saw Stitch once at Magic Kingdom, the one in Animal Kingdom is a different one and they want to get his autograph and photo, too.  (Stitch is Ian's FAVORITE) Which is totally fine by me.  
With all that said...I was on a mission this trip to come up with my own autograph solution.  We are going for 10days and I want my kids to have enough room for all of their prized signatures and photos.  I had come up with lots of ideas....pinned many of them on pinterest...discussed them with the kids and my husband...and this is what I came up with.

I purchased two Pro Art 5 1/5in by 8in spiral bound sketch books (similar to the one pictured below) at a local craft store with coupons - the paper in sketch books are thicker than regular notebooks & there are LOTS of pages and the cover is hard.
I let the kids pick out Disney sticker packs that they would want on their book.  I tried to talk them into waiting until we got home from our trip to add the stickers (so there was less of a chance they would end up falling off), but they really wanted them on the books.  I originally had wanted to place paper under the stickers and mod podge it down, but I personally really like the way the stickers stand out on the black cover.

This is Ian's...
And the front and back of Lily's...
(I used E-6000 on the gems and puffy stickers.  I had to mod podge down Tinkerbell and the flowers on the back, otherwise they would have come up.  Lily was so impatient during the whole process...if I had to do it over I would have used paper on the back under Tinkerbell so you wouldn't see the the mod podge and the "pro art sign", but it's for a 5yr old and she is ecstatic about her new book and that is all that counts.)

On a side year ago today was the day we arrived on our Disney Vacation last year.  You can read the funny story of our arrival here. O_o

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