Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nana's Creations for Lily

Thank you everyone who stopped by and shared their wonderful comments on my last post. My mother was so happy & proud when she read the post and all of the nice comments. It's nice as a mother to know that you are/were appreciated for the work that you do.
Today I decided to share the beautiful clothing she made my daughter this spring. My daughter hasn't been able to wear these yet, but I know this spring she will be wearing them all. Now it all started with a bunch of fabric I found at Joanne's in the clearance section. Then I found a bunch of patterns I liked. I liked each pattern for one or 2 elements or pieces. I had all these ideas in my head of what I wanted, bits and pieces here and there....BTW very confusing! With my mothers help and patience, she made all of these lovely creations come to life.
I fell in love with this little lamb! She is adorable! Then I found out later that her name is Lily Lamb and that just made this all the more special. I had my mom make a 4 piece outfit around this fabric because I want my daughter to be able to where it for a while. There are 2 pairs of pants. (one is 2t and the other is a 4t pair of capris). There is a peasant blouse (size 2t) made out of polka dot material and a dress/long shirt (size 3t) made out of the lily lamb fabric.

My favorite parts of these outfits are the embellishments my mother did on the jeans. She is so talented with embroidery floss! It's so hard to show the texture in a photo of what she did, but it's absolutely gorgeous!

Next outfit was a sweet blue one she made. This set is a 2t. Simply adorable!

She added embellished ice cream and lollipops to the top.
This pink outfit all stemmed around the pink linen fabric I found in the clearance bin. I fell in love with the tiny pink and green flowered fabric.

Once again my mother out did herself with the flower embellishment.

Ok, while looking for complimentary fabric for the pink linen I found this awesome flower fabric...only later did I find out it was Alexander Henry fabric. We decided on a dress in a 4t. There are pants for this in the pink linen that my mother is putting one of the flowers on.When I found the pink linen in the clearance section, I also found a green/blue linen also. This one was a bit more challenging to find a coordinating fabric for the shade linen. I found these paisley prints and they worked out fabulous. This outfit is a size 2t.

I know these are not the last of the clothes my mother will make my daughter. Everything turned out fantastic and beautiful. Thank you once again mom!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Thank You Mom

After having my daughter I fell in love with custom made clothes for little girls. When I started to write a blog post about that I kept coming back to my mom and her love of sewing and fabric. I called my dad and asked him to go through his pictures and scan some in for me. It took him a week, but it was well worth it. Armed with a 'white' sewing machine she got from her mother, she made a lot of my clothes growing up. When we moved into our first house. My mom finally got a sewing room....she loved being able to leave her machine & ironing board up all the time. Every year at Christmas she would make my sister and I nightgowns and Christmas dresses. She would lay out our nightgowns Christmas eve on our beds and our dresses would be hanging on our portraits in the living room the next morning.
My mother would also make us Easter dresses.

One year she decided to make us smocked Easter Dresses. They turned out beautiful and I can't wait to put my daughter in my dress.

I love the curly hair. We slept in curlers....

In about 1984, my mom made us these dresses with the bonnets. I still remember wearing this with my clogs to school. Yes, I looked like Laura Ingles. That was one of my favorite shows as a kid and my hair was in 2 tight braids until I was 12 when I decided to chop it all off.
Over time my mom stopped making us clothes, but we always seem to bring her our mending. She has sewn lots of curtains for me over the years, made me a yoyo jacket and my families Christmas stockings. She still has and uses the same old sewing machine. She also does lots of other crafty things and LOVES to crochet. Now that I have a daughter I have asked my mom to make Lily clothes, blankets and crochet her beautiful sweaters. Yep, I went nuts at the fabric/yarn store. That's a story for another day.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Custom Creations

I have been approached to make custom pieces for customers. I love to make new things for people and am glad that people are thinking of me.
Melanie from SweetPicklesPottery asked me if I could make some clay topped sewing pins. I have seen these done before, but had never thought about doing them. She is going to give them to her child's teacher as a Christmas present in a pincushion she is going to make. Her child's teacher is a sewer. What a fantastic Christmas present. I am very pleased with how they turned out. I am in the process of varnishing them now.

Nicci from hullabalooboutique asked me if I could make beads to match this Alexander Henry Trick or Treat fabric. She was planning on making a dress for her daughter out of this fabric. She liked the little girl with the orange/red pointy hat.

These are the beads that I came up with.

You should check out hullabalobutique & sweetpicklespottery's shops. Their work is adorable! Click on the pictures below to see their shops.

Monday, September 22, 2008


We just got back from Poughkeepsie, NY. We went there for the weekend for my husband's cousins wedding. Saturday was such a beautiful day for a wedding. Most of my pictures, including the ones of the bride and groom are on my 35mm and I need to have them developed. Here are some pictures I did take with my digital camera.

After the wedding my husband and I went down to the river and took a couple pics.
You could see the Mid Hudson Bridge from the reception.
My husband is youngest of 3 boys, all with red hair. My husband is the one in the middle.

Monday, September 15, 2008


So I have won soooo many giveaways over the past few weeks I have decided I should sponsor my own. Over at the Simple Things is hosting an I Love Etsy blog carnival. This week I am being featured and hosting a giveaway over there. I am giving away a customized fairy ornament. You get to pick the hair & dress color. Come on over here and check it out.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Loving My Winnings!

I have been very fortunate that I have won a bunch of giveaways lately. I love entering giveaways and reading other peoples blogs. I have found some really cute shops along the way. I love getting my mail.
Yesterday I received my hand painted sign I used my $35 gift certificate I won to buy anything from La Dee Dah Art. It turned out so beautiful! She did an excellent job and I can't wait to hang it in my daughter's room. I got the Abby Round Canvas.
You should really check out her shop. Here are just a few of my other favorites...

Today I received my package from
Little Pink Posies. I won one of her Posie girl necklaces. What a fantastic little doll. These dolls are inspired by vintage peg and clothespin dolls. Each are painted entirely by hand with close attention to detail. These are a one of a kind keepsakes. She also sent me one of her hair ponies. Simply beautiful creations!

They came beautifully packaged.

Love the detail to the pony...and the colors!

Pardon my picture, it does not do her justice. My daughter will cherish this for years to come.

Here are just a few more of my favorites from her shop.

1.Tess Posy Girl Personalized Custom Doll Pendant2. Wool Felt Posy Pendant 3. Posy Girl Playset (The Garden Girls) 4. Retro Girl Posy Pin

I also found out this morning I was in another treasury. I finally have figured out how to save them and put the picture on my blog. Thank you New England Quilter for including me.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

H is for Horse

So recently I was asked by a fellow FAM member, WYSIWYG, if I could make a horse for her. She was looking for an ornament that she could sell in her other shop, epic farms, for her non for profit equine center she is running. I was more than happy to do something for a good cause. After much brainstorming and talking I finally came up with something. It's not completely finished yet. Here are some of the designs I have come up with.

She also asked me to make a horse simiar to my kitty.

These horse heads will be put on disks like the one above, so the ornament can be personalized.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fisher Price Playdate

Yea!!! The day has finally arrived. I spend the past few days cleaning the house. Trying to get everything in order for my guests to have fun at my Fisher Price House Party. Now for those of you who have not been to my house, it is 980 square feet and 2 stories. It's on the small side. Now, please keep in mind I have a partially finished basement. The basement is not included in the 980 sq feet. I also have a full attic for storage. Now imagine 8 kids and 11 adults and big toys. I have to say it was fun and went very well. No crying and my daughter was ok with sharing most of the toys...BTW this was because my friend brought her some purses and she carried those around most of the party. The kids were fantastic and it was great to get to talk to my mom friends that I don't see all of the time. Reps from Fisher Price came and were fantastic. They took pictures and video of the party. They were very friendly and a pleasure to have here. They gave all of the kids the Amazing Animals Tug Time Tugboat in addition to the fabulous gifts we were sent already. One of the funniest memories was when my daughter decided to be the cookie monster and pull over the plate of cookies and try to pick all of them up at once (without the plate). I wish I would have had a camera in my hand.
Lots of toys and kids.


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