Thursday, April 30, 2009

Love it!

I found Heartfelt Handmade a while ago. I really love the colors she used in these.....ohhhhh and the buttons, beads and felt! Ok, so now I am drooling. Trying to restrain myself. Not that my daughter needs anymore name things to hang in her room. I have won her a couple and painted her one myself.
Growing up it was soooo hard to find anything with my name on it. Melanie was not a common name. When my parents found both my name & my sister's (Heidi) they bought it. I still have the wooden Melanie they bought me & the MMW for my initials (my maiden name started with a W).

Giveaway Thursday 4/30

Vol25 is having a Buy 2 get 1 free sale.
She is also giving away a print of your choice on her blog! Click here to get the details of the giveaway. (ends April 30) I am hoping to win this print...

Full Nest Reviews is giving away $28 GC to Magpie Designz. (ends 4/30)

Designs by Vanessa is giving away a stretch rose ring in your choice of color by Always Chic. (ends 5/2)

Woman-prenuergalore is giving away a Green Tea Bloom Brass Necklace by Jacaranda Designs. (ends 4/30)

Jolly Mom is giving away a canvas from Trendy Peas. (ends 5/4)

Two Under Two, Whew is giving away a piece of jewelry from up to $35.00 from A Work of Heart. (ends 5/2)
Vegan Craft Samples is giving away on of their bags full of goodies. (ends 5/1)
Crafty Goodness is giving away coloring pages from her shop. (ends today)

Elegant Bloggery is giving away 2 french clip korker bows pictured below along with some goodies from her Elegant Paperie shop. (ends 5/1)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blog Design Giveaway

I love my blog design, but I would love a new one that is totally mine.

These blogs are giving away blog makeovers from Subjective Beauty.

Here are a couple of my favorites by Subjective Beauty...

Take Me Back Tuesday

A Giveaway Addicted Mommy

September 1984.
6th GradeMy hair was crimped. (my mom braided it while wet) Yep, those are leg warmers.
The dress was one of those that snapped down the front and was shorts on the bottom. It was light pink corduroy. I loved this outfit.
Welcome to Take Me Back Tuesday! You can participate and/or check out other Take Me Back Tuesday posts at A Giveaway Addicted Mommy.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Grosgrain: Simple Skirts GIVEAWAY!!!!

How pretty! Crossing fingers and toes I win this one for Lily!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Etsy Day!

Happy World Etsy Day!!

What is world Etsy day?


So many people don’t know what Etsy is. Wouldn’t be great to do a grassroots, marketing blitz to raise awareness and create a buzz. The idea is to create a mystery about Etsy. We want to educate the public by throwing the word out there in mass numbers without telling them what it is, thereby getting people to notice it everywhere, wonder about it, talk to people, and eventually researching it on the internet.

Please enjoy this little video about Etsy...

Please beware....Etsy can become addicting!! =D

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sneek Peak....

Of what I have been working on...

Giveaway Thursday 4/23

Tales of a Golf Girl is giving away this crate and barrel set. (ends 4/24)

The Shopping Mama is giving away a $20 gc to M.A.H. Creations. (ends 4/24)

PixiSette is giving away a necklace & earing set from her shop. (ends 4/27)

Does Mommy Love It? is giving away a free personalized tee from Luna B. Tee. (ends 4/30)

Sweet Irie is giving away a wristlet from her shop. (ends 4/24)

Life Starring Ellie and Eve is giving away a $20 GC to Born 2 Impress. (ends 4/26)

Momspecive is giving away a Exclusive Nintendo Pokémon Giratina-branded DS. (ends 4/24)

The IE Mommy is giving away a necklace from SavvyGirl & Co. (ends 4/25)

SimaG Jewelry is giving away this beautiful necklace. You should really check out her shop here. Her work is beautiful! (ends 4/29)

Annies Home is giving away 3 sets of socks from Little Miss Matched (ends 4/25) & a box of cookies from Stoney Brook Cookie Company (ends 4/24) & a small love bottle from Love Bottle (ends 4/26).

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Computer Problems...

I have been having a rough week. On Monday evening (@ 7:30pm) I opened my laptop to find a crack in the lower right hand side of my LCD screen, along with vertical lines on the right hand side of the screen and a couple while horizontal lines along the bottom.The kicker is I have no idea how it, I didn't drop it. Also, it was fine at 5pm when I shut it. After I shut it my husband & I took the kids out to dinner so no one was home. After calling and doing some research....LCD cracks are not covered under Compaq's warranty and the repair cost $400-$600. Which is ridiculous seeing the computer only cost us $500. We had no idea that laptops were this fragile. We have an older Toshiba (7yrs old) and it has been through the ringer and we have no cracked screens there. computer still works and we found a video while searching the hp forums showing you how to replace it. After watching that video, it really looks do-able (as long as you can use a screwdriver). I found the LCD screens on Ebay for @ $70.
On a Happier Note:

I received an e-mail yesterday from PurplePinkandOrange letting me know my lollipops were featured in Scores: $5 and under. THANK YOU!!
While looking through my feedjet on my sidebar this morning I saw that someone came from An Exploration of Creativity. While looking through the blog I found that my Cherry Blossoms Necklace was featured. Thank you so much!!

Wordless Wednesday

These are of Lily's 2nd birthday in Dec. 2008.
The tutu & hat I won from Itsy Bitsy Bunny.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Take Me Back Tuesday

While I was at my parents house I scanned a few pictures in. I made is through a couple albums and I have many more to do.

These pictures were taken in April 1980. They were taken in an apartment we lived in Chili Center, NY (outside of Rochester). BTW...I still remember that address...541 Mimosa Dr. We lived there until I was in 3rd grade.

My sister (age 3), mom (age 26) & myself (age 6). WOW...look at the cars!!My sister on her tricycle. LOVE the HUGE basket!! How fun!Me....with my holly hobby shirt and a Donald Duck jacket.I had a blue bike. No banana seat though. I always wanted one of those bikes. This one had a big blue seat.
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Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Pretty Peacock Giveaways

The following blogs are giving away this necklace from The Pretty Peacock. (They all end 4/30)

Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls is giving away this necklace from The Pretty Peacock. (ends 4/22)

Grosgrain: Pleated Petal Tank ANTHROPOLIFICATION GIVEAWAY!!!!

So I am trying to loose weight. If I win this I would be estatic!!
I adore how the flowers are offset like that.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Visiting Family

I am now in PA visiting my family. We have been having a good time....except for the kid meltdowns and lack of sleep. Not to mention my sister's youngest threw up here this afternoon. Hope she feels better soon.

Here are some pics of the kids (mine & my sister's) from yesterday...
And yes, these are Backugan instead of people in the house. More of my son's handiwork. (remember this?)I am a bit bummed right now. I am currently waiting for someone to come and help me with my flat tire. Where I am everything is on a hill...including the driveway I am parked on. I am a bit annoyed with the first person that they sent to help me. They wanted me to drive on the flat. Sure, if you are paying for new rims & hubcap on top of my tire.

On a postive note, I went to Target yesterday and all their Easter stuff is 75% off. I bought a ton of stuff. They even had a bunch of Dove chocolate left at the one here.

Update!! YAY, they sent out the nicest people to help me and instead of towing it they changed it. The funny thing is the 2 people that came (man & wife) were as old as my grandparents. The woman changed my tire! She was sooo nice and I gave her a hug when she left.
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