Thursday, April 30, 2009

Love it!

I found Heartfelt Handmade a while ago. I really love the colors she used in these.....ohhhhh and the buttons, beads and felt! Ok, so now I am drooling. Trying to restrain myself. Not that my daughter needs anymore name things to hang in her room. I have won her a couple and painted her one myself.
Growing up it was soooo hard to find anything with my name on it. Melanie was not a common name. When my parents found both my name & my sister's (Heidi) they bought it. I still have the wooden Melanie they bought me & the MMW for my initials (my maiden name started with a W).

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HeartfeltHandmade said...

Thanks so much for blogging about my felty creations, with the huge number of unusual names about these days it's not always easy to find much in the stores, the most unusual name I've made a garland for so far is 'Doodle'!
Thanks so much for your lovely comments.
Marie xx

Makin' Me Crazy said...

Very sweet, love the buttons:)

Unknown said...


I hear you on the uncommon name thingie. My babysitter was named Marisa and pronounced it the same way as me (rhymes with Lisa)... but then I didn't meet another Marisa until I was in college and sat next to a lady with a daughter called Marisa. She even brought the girl to class one day, because she had never met a Marisa before, either! How funny.

robin said...

Hi there!
Just wanted to stop by and say hi... and to thank you for entering my giveaway!
Love your blog... lots of great crafty things here. About to add you to my follow list!
Happy Friday!

michelle allen said...

these are super cute Melanie. for some reason i have a hard time finding Alexis as wierd as that is. hope you have a blessed weekend!


Teresa said...

Love them. TFS

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