Thursday, August 20, 2009

I can not believe...

That fall is just around the corner! It is very hard to imagine, especially since we have been having a bit of a heat wave here in Buffalo. YAY, summer finally arrived here. (It has been a weird summer here)

Anywho, with fall around the corner I am itching to make new ornaments. Here are a couple that are in my shop. These made their debut last fall, but I love them. I bought a glittered tree at Michael's (with a 40% coupon) last year and hung them all over it. I put the pumpkin clusters and kitties underneath.

Mr & Mrs BOO

Glenda - The Flying Witch

Clusters of Pumpkins, Single Pumpkin Ornaments & Black Cats

On another note, I entered my cake place card holders in the Martha Stewart's DIY Wedding Crafts Contest. You can find my entry here. I would love if everyone could give me 5 stars and leave a comment. The contest ends Sept 1st. and will be announced Oct. 15th. I have loved Martha Stewart Weddings ever since I was planning my wedding 12 years ago and saw the daisy themed wedding they did (I still have that magazine). After seeing that article I decided that I would use daisies as my theme. I made all of my favors for my wedding, polymer clay daisy magnets. Please Note: You do have to create an account with Martha Stewart's site to leave a comment or give me 5 stars.

I still can not believe that fall is just around the corner!

8 Sweet Comments:

MadeInCanarias said...

Mr & Mrs Boo are so cool!

sarah said...

your creations are always cute and an eye candy!
i just commented at martha's website.

Lauranie said...

These are just too stinkin cute!! Good Luck!! You definitely deserved to be featured on Martha Stewart!! :)

I Sew Lucky said...

I KNOW!!! I LOVE fall though:) It is my favorite and I am so ready for the kids to go back to school.

A New England Girl said...

I LOVE these ornaments... OMG, they are SO adorable. I usually shy away from Halloween decorations, because often times they are just so cheesy and a little too over the top. These are perfect though. I think I know what I might have my eye on. :)

Muthering Heights said...

Those tiny pumpkins are sooooo adorable!

Beedeebabee said...

OMG!!! How ADORABLE are these little goodies!! Instant smiles!!!
Hugs, Paulette :o)

Kiy said...

I am so behind it's not even funny, but I wanted to pop in and tell you how much I adore Mr & Mrs Boo! Just too adorable.



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