Thursday, January 5, 2012

Valentine Frame

When my family came up a few weeks ago, my mom & sister went through all my containers of little clay pieces and snatched a bunch.  It was fun to watch them go through what I had made and pull out their favorites.  My mom kept asking me if it was ok she took more as she kept adding to her pile.  I had to keep reassuring her she could have anything she wanted, I can always make more.  :)

While they were going though making their piles I was laughing asking them what they were going to do with them all.  I knew they would come up with something fantastic, but I was curious.  They are both really creative in their own right.

My sister grabbed a whole set of Angry Birds and after going back and forth with what she wanted me to do with them (she originally wanted some sort of ornament) she settled on magnets.  I can still remember her telling me last year to make Angry Birds. 

So with them in mind and the cute little bird I posted in the last post, I made this little frame yesterday.

I started out with a dollar store frame and a few of my Valentine's flat back clay bow centers
I preferred the frame to be white instead of the silver, so I spray painted it.  Then I added the little clay pieces to the frame with hot glue.  Typically I would use E6000 because I find it has a better bond with the clay, but I wanted to take photos before the sun went down today.  And here it cute little Valentine's frame with my little man in it. 
Now I just need to make another one and put my other sweetie in it.

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7 Sweet Comments:

Anonymous said...

How cute is that frame and so simple! This gives me inspiration to make something for my mom:)

Jingle said...

This is very sweet!

Ammieloris said...

Cute! I love those darling hearts.

Liz Mays said...

It's absolutely perfect. I love it!

Anonymous said...

very cute!

Unknown said...

Melanie! I am loving those little conversation hearts! Do you have those in your shop? Could I put them on a necklace?! Let me know ... I definitely want some!

Claremont First Ward said...

So sweet! Love it. Happy New Year!

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