Friday, June 7, 2013

School Track Meet

On Wednesday, I went to watch my eldest in the annual district elementary track and field meet. (All of the 5th & 6th grade children participate.)  Last year I didn't go...honestly I didn't know parents were aloud to go and watch.  This year Ian asked if I would come and take photos.  :)

Ian & his friends spotted me as soon as I arrived. (Thankfully, I had no idea if I would find them in the sea of over 1000 kids.)
At first I stayed down on the sidelines and watched.  Then we were told we could go sit with the kids. 
Finally it was time to walk down to his event.  He had signed up to do the 50m race.

I went down the end and waited until his heat.

Then it happened. 

Ian went DOWN.  

He went down hard.  Then he got back up and finished the race. 
He was banged up pretty good.  His knee, elbow & back were scrapped up.  I am thankful the track was paved and not crushed stone or we would still be picking it out.  I was pretty upset that not one adult pointed out where the nurses station was or offered to walk him over there.  I am soooo glad I was there.  I found his teacher and then found the nurses station where they patched him up (as well as they could). 

He finished up his other 2 events (triple jump and pull ups).  He was in alot of pain...

Poor kid.  His hand hurt really bad.
Then he was all finished and ready to cheer on the rest of his friends and relax.

Ian is still pretty sore.  He says his lower back hurts the most.  The scraps are looking better...still have some black tar we can't get off his leg.  Could have been much worse.

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Masshole Mommy said...

Poor kid! At least he got up and finished.

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