Friday, June 28, 2013

Moving Up

A week ago Wed (June 19th) was Ian's 6th grade Moving Up Ceremony.

First we listed to the orchestra play and then the chorus sing.  Ian was a bit upset and unfair that the 6th grade band didn't get to also play, but such as life.

After that they handed out some awards.  First Ian won an Art Award.
Then the band & orchestra teachers handed out their awards.  The band teacher handed out Band Student of the Year awards to one boy and one girl.  Ian won the award in band.  I can not get over that he is taller than her now.  
Then they handed out folders with all of their achievements for the year.  Ian was first up.  (Gotta love the last name Adey.)  Ian received the Silver Award for Academic Achievement, Concert Band, All County, Cadet Band, Jazz Band, District Jazz Band and his Certificate of Completion. 
We are so proud of you sweetie!
Then the picture taking commenced.  :)

Ian with his band teacher.  LOVE this woman.  She ROCKS.  Best yet, she is also going to be teaching over at the middle school next year, too.  She will probably not be Ian's instructor, but we will get to see her.  Super excited for her.
Jimmy (my nephew) came to the ceremony with us.  He is going into 8th next year.  They will both be in the same building again.  :)
I will be definitely sending these photos in when they are seniors for the slideshow.  :)
Boys are such goofballs.

Thank you Mrs. Homes & Ms. Wirth for a great year.  (Ian's regular teacher, Ms Homes, was pregnant and left at the end of October to have her baby and Ms. Worth took over after that.)  Here is a picture of Ms. Wirth.
WOW, I still can not believe how fast the last 7yrs have gone by.  I can still remember him going to Kindergarten. 

This year is unusual in the West Seneca elementary schools because 5th grade is also moving up.  Next year our middle school will be a 6, 7 & 8 grade building.  (It used to be just a 7 & 8 building.)

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Masshole Mommy said...

Our middle school is 6,7 and 8, too. I think those ages work well for all being together like that. Congrats on the award, too :)

Liz Mays said...

What is with this well-rounded and highly motivated and talented young man you're raising? AWESOME! (PS. The dude is getting tall!)

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