Monday, December 17, 2012

Lily's loves!

We spent yesterday celebrating Christmas at my in-laws.  My husband's Aunt & Uncle came, which made my daughter soooooo happy.  You see they brought their 2 doggies with them.  She LOVES their doggies (and she also loves to talk Aunt Mary Ellen & Uncle Tom's ear off).

Daisy is her favorite, she is the one on the left.  I am pretty sure she is her favorite because she is a girl.  ;)
Chopper is the one on the right.  He is really sweet. 
Lily spent forever petting these doggies.  She loved them.

They are so cute and sweet!! 

I wonder what my kitties would think of a dog that is about their size?....
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2 Sweet Comments:

Unknown said...

They really ARE so cute and sweet! Little girls sure love puppies, don't they? Libby is asking Santa for a real puppy ... ah boy.

Masshole Mommy said...

Oh they are just too cute!!!

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