Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mini Marshmallows

When we went on our walk last week, the sun may have been shining but it was chilly.  After walking around for a while, our faces were cold.  It was perfect to come and have a large cup of hot chocolate.

Last Friday I found these perfect mini marshmallows at Target and new the kids would get a kick out of them.  Have you seen them yet?  They come in Vanilla and Chocolate.  They are those mini mallows that you find in the packets of hot cocoa....the ones you never have enough of and they melt quickly.
I let them sprinkle as many as they wanted in their cups.
The kids had a blast eating them.
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2 Sweet Comments:

AmyZ said...

ooo.....need to get some of those for Faith! Thanks! :)

Pesky Cat Designs said...

mmm mmm hot chocolate! Even though I live in Florida it's been in the 40's here so hot chocolate sounds fantastic right now. :)

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