Friday, January 13, 2012

Beauty and the Beast

It's no surprise that we LOVE Disney movies in my home.  Beauty and the Beast is one of our favorites.
I am NOT a fan of 3-D though.  It usually makes me feel like I want to hurl.  But I really want to go see Beauty & the Beast in the theaters with my family really bad.  Besides LOVING the movie and the musical score, I really wanted to see the new Tangled Ever After short.  Tangled is another one of our family favorites.

After reading this blog post by Liz, where she reviewed the new movie, I decided that I should be fine and we are going to see it tonight.  YAY!!
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Anonymous said...

I was also happy to read Liz's post saying it wasn't bad (3D) wise. I can't stand 3D. We are looking forward to this movie!

Adrienne said...

I might just have to see if my 26 year old will go with me this weekend!!

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