Thursday, August 11, 2011


Have you ever spilled anything on your keyboard?  Yeah, I know we all should be more careful.  No drinks near electronics.  I know, I know...but crap happens.

Well, about a month ago I spilled my full glass on Diet Coke on the side of my laptop.  Yes, it got on my keys and at first I thought everything was fine.  My laptop worked ok or so I thought.  Later that night I had 'sticky keys'.  My control key was stuck.  Soooooo frustrating.  I popped off the keys and cleaned them with alcohol and the next morning it seemed all was well.  I seriously thought I was going to have to purchase a new laptop.

Fast forward a few weeks.  We went on vacation and I took my laptop with me.  While downloading my photos one afternoon while on vacation my laptop started acting strange.  I tried typing and it certain keys would not work.  Sigh.  Once I got home, I quickly realized that the control key was stuck again.  Cleaning it was not working.  Half the time the keyboard worked properly and the other half the control key was stuck.  You know how frustrating it is typing when all of a sudden new windows pop open along with other things?  I really thought my laptop was a goner. 

Then I searched keyboard and my laptop info on you-tube and it turns out replacing the keyboard on a Dell Inspiron 1545 is EASY!!  I ordered my keyboard off of ebay for $14.00 shipped and once it arrived it took me less than 10min to replace.  I was very proud of myself.  YAY!

And YES, I have learned my lesson.  I am now drinking out of this....
Perfect use for my Disney Cup.  :)
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Anonymous said...

So glad you got it fixed. I try to keep drinks away from the laptop, I would go absolutely crazy if it broke! Love the Disney cup:)

Wendy Irene said...

I love your new cup!! Perfect for Mommy & kids :) I had no idea you could just replace the keyboard. Good for you for figuring that out and saving yourself a lot of coin.

My Diabetic Sweet Life said...

Argh! I have done that a few times but thankfully it's usually at work! Thankfully a supplier saved me and gave me a cute spill-proof insulated cup...perfect...doesn't spill AND keeps my coffee warm :)

I think I have the same laptop - useful to know such information because my warranty has just run out!

~ Noelle said...

Lesson learned!

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