Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fisher Price

When did 1/2 of August fly by?  WOW, summer is almost coming to an end. 

Lily starts Fisher Price Pre-School next week. 

The Fisher Price headquarters is pretty close to where I live.  They use local people to do toy testing, product modeling shoots and have small preschool sessions there.  After I had Ian I found out about the toy testing program and signed us up.  Over the last 9yrs, Ian, Lily & myself (they even have mom panels) have done testing for Fisher Price.  Ian even did a video shoot for them a couple years ago.  When you test for them you either get cash, toy bucks to spend in their store and/or get to keep the product you are testing.  Ian was able to attend their pre-school when he was Lily's age and I think Lily is going to have so much fun.  She is only going for 8wks, 2 days a week for 2 hrs each day...we are super excited.  There are only 3 girls and 3 boys in each session.

Here is a flashback to Lily on 4-18-07 when she was only 5 months old, with the first toy she tested for Fisher Price.  (This one we got to test at home and keep.)  
Time flies by.
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9 Sweet Comments:

Amy H. said...

What an amazing idea and opportunity for your family. Pretty darn cool!

Liz Mays said...

That is the best little perk you have over at your place!!!!!

lisa said...

I used to do the toy testing when I was little and I also went to the school. My kids have enjoyed testing products over that last several years. I hope she has a great time :o)

Kimberly said...

That has got to be the coolest gig ever! Fisher Price preschool. Neato!

Maria said...

How fun, that is an awesome opportunity!!!

AmyZ said...

Michael tested that too! So fun!! We have tested a lot of things over the years too and Faith did a video shoot one time. It really is cool having FP in our "backyard" !!

Wendy Irene said...

aww I love the old pics!

More Than Words said...

That is so awesome!! How fun to try out all the new products, plus get the bonuses of doing it!!

Lauranie said...

How SWEEEET they are...so small!!! What an AWESOME existence!! I would LOVE to try out toys then GIVE THEM BACK!! My house would be soooo clutter free...yeah right!! HA!

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