Friday, July 9, 2010


There has been a lack of posts lately.  It has been really HOT here this week.  I have started posts a million times but never got around to publishing anything.  Summer is finally here and we have been enjoying every moment of it.

Earlier last week we were freezing.  It was so cold outside.  I almost (yes, almost) felt bad taking Ian to swimming last Wednesday it was so cold.

Last Thursday I finally let Lily go down the huge slide at the park.  I have been a nervous nelly about it because I watched a kid fall down from that first landing last summer.  Mind you the parent was on the phone when it happened and wasn't watching their child, but it still scared me a bit.
Jeff & I had a date night last Friday.  My nephew babysat for us and we went to the Molson Canal Concert Series to see Our Lady Peace.  I was so excited because I love going to concerts and LOVE Our Lady Peace.  I can now add it to my list here?  (I just realized I never added Tom Petty & Kid Rock to the list)  Back to the concert.  I was a bit disappointed, they sounded TERRIBLE!  Which was sad.  =(  We did had a good time though.  Nothing like free concerts and watching drunk people.

Last Saturday we went to the water park at Darien Lake.  Ok, seriously what do people think when they buy bathing suits?  If you are overweight by 50lbs or more you should not be wearing a bikini.  Just sayin.

My brother in-law had a party on the 4th and we had a FANTASTIC time.  We made lots of new friends and Ian even got to do sparklers.  (My husband HATES them.)
Jeff had Monday off so we both took Ian to swimming
 & Lily to the wading pool.
After swimming we went to the beach.

Lily asked me the other day... "Mom, show me your muscle"
I make a muscle and Lily touches my elbow and says, "mom you have a big muscle."
...I think we need to work on our anatomy...

I wonder what this weekend will bring?

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11 Sweet Comments:

Braley Mama said...

lol!!! It is amazing how poorly people can sing and have huge hits. Yes those big slides scare me too!!!

Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

Aiyana loves the tallest slides and they completely freak me out!

It looks like you guys are enjoying the summer. So much for global warming. It has been pretty cool here as well. We have not used our air conditioning yet! I just open the windows and turn on the ceiling fans and we are good to go. Usually it is gloomy until around 1 and then starts to break up. We have yet to visit Raging Waters because it is too cold!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great slide...I'd be scared as well if I watched a child fall. How is the new water park at Darien Lake? Keep seeing commercials on it. The heat is crazy this week, finally some relief with the rain today. Have a great weekend:)

Anonymous said...

steve hates sparklers too! the kids did get to do some on the 3rd though. they loved them!!

so we need to get together soon! give me a ring when you have a moment! amy

vivian said...

Hi melanie!
Im trying to keep up with everyone who left a message the last couple of days! I've gotten so far behind keeping up with everyone that I feel really bad! I think Blogland slows down pretty good in the summer though, so maybe I'll be able to catch up soon.
I was going to pick a winner tonight, but I think I'll wait until I'm ready to post again! so keep your fingies crossed!

emma said...

LOVE Lily's bathing suit! cute!!

Annette Piper said...

I find it really hard to get motivated in the heat. And in the cold. Hmmm, I think I may have a bit of a problem with motivation overall!

Unknown said...

What a great catch us up post - looks like almost everyone got to do something that they don't normally get to - a slide, a sparkler and some skin that should have been covered. LOL. I understand about the slides...sometimes it's so hard to let them go and have fun when you know there is an element of danger. Love that last pic - I need to get my family to the beach!!

I love your header - how fun that you can change you pics at will!

Have a great weekend.

Menopausal New Mom said...

It's been so hot here too. I love the beach photos, what a fun day for the kids.

I noticed you entered a giveaway for The Vintage Pearl Hand Stamped Jewelry. I have a giveaway for them right now too for a $50 gift certificate, Would Love for you to come by and enter to win


Pesky Cat Designs said...

Glad to see you and your family having so much fun! Wishing you a great weekend. :)

Unknown said...

Sounds like a fun week!! :)

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