Saturday, December 20, 2008


We were like most of the country and got hit with lots of the white stuff on Friday. All of the schools in this area were closed on Friday because they didn't want to have trouble getting the kids home. They were comparing this storm to the one that hit here in the afternoon at the end of Nov. 2000. I got stuck at work that day/night. It wasn't pretty. Our parking lot at work looked like a bomb had gone off. There were cars littered everywhere. That was a VERY long night! After hearing that and seeing how much snow had been dumped everywhere else in the country, it was a smart idea the kids stayed home.

I went out to shovel at around 11 am and holey moley lots of snow already! That's when I let the kids, my son and the girl I babysit, out to play. They had a ball.... And then it was time to come in....freezing!! BRRRRR cold!I went out a couple more times and it was a mess! When the plow finally went by we were plowed in. I have to share a funny thing about me. I am the person who shovels in my family. I am anal about going out and getting the driveway clean. My friends make fun of me. I will not mow my lawn, but I LOVE to shovel. I am not a fan of the cold, but I LOVE to shovel. I am MY father's daughter. As a child I have many memories of my dad going out and shoveling all the time. The funny thing is I never really went out to help him. When I moved out 15 years ago my father gave me a shovel. He put my name on the handle and put polyurethane on it. He told me to keep it in the trunk of my car. One of the BEST pieces of advice he ever gave me. I was one of a couple people who had a shovel that day in Nov ended up being one busy shovel. I had that same shovel until 3 years ago when it finally broke.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, and now I'm crying! How sweet. My dad built me 2 cedar window boxes. He's gone now and those window boxes are so special! said...

Oooh, so jealous...we are STILL WAITING for snow! Love that you have those memories with your dad, very sweet! I actually do most of our shoveling too, hehe!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are adorable! It doesn't snow here, so I get my snow vicariously, LOL.

Allie said...

Very sweet and touching post, Melanie! I am almost in tears myself. What little cuties you have! And what fun!

christi said...

what a special gift your father gave you! sounds like hard work. i live in tx so no need for shoveling here.

love the snow pictures! your kids are precious!

blessings ~

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