Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Buffalo Indie Market

Sunday was my second Buffalo Indie Market show. It was at the Pearl Street Brewery. I never blogged about how the first show. The first show went ok. I made back the entry fee, had a fabulous yummy lunch without my kids hanging on me and met a couple really nice people. One of those really nice people was Michelle, the artist behind Funky Furnishings. She told me about a local shop called Village Artisans that sells local artists creations. The shops owner was looking for ornaments like mine. I contacted her and this Thursday I am bringing my ornaments to put in her shop. I am very excited about this fantastic opportunity. This month's show did not go as well. I didn't make back my entry fee. But, I did have a yummy lunch though! I also met another artist who also sells on etsy. She was very friendly and sweet. You definitely should check out her shop, The Midnight Orange. They story behind her shop and her family are amazing as are her items she has for sale. Here is just one of her creations, Spoon Full of Sugar.

I was also Spotted by Buffalo.com. Click here to see the rest of the pictures of the Buffalo Indie Market show that were taken by spotted.

2 Sweet Comments:

Jenn said...

How cute are you! LOL! Lovely blog and wonderful pics!

Anonymous said...

Too bad the show wasn't as good as it could have been, but sounds like you had a good time at least!

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