Monday, September 23, 2013

New Addition

It's official.

We are crazy cat people.

Last Tuesday while doing errands we went into a place called Tabby Town (a cat adoption center).

Typically in these types of places, we walk in, pet some kitties, the kids plead for another, Jeff pleads for another and I tell them no and leave. 

Well, Tuesday was different.  Jeff fell in LOVE with a kitten.  She was purring up a storm and kept grabbing his head, like she was petting him though the bars.  It was really sweet.

So my heart melted and we went back the next day while the kids were in school...

and adopted her.
Jeff is happy.  He has a little buddy.  She loves to sleep on him.
 Mind you she tries to sleep on your head & neck first.  Kittens are so silly.
Our other 2 kitties (they are sisters we adopted at the same time), do not know what to think of the new rambunctious little one. 
They seem annoyed more than anything.

Now there are 3...
Yep, crazy cat people here.  (I was informed at the bus stop the other morning by a dad that anyone with more than 2 cats are crazy cat people.)
She came with a name of Curious.  Curious reminds me of Alice, so we I have decided to call her Alice.  Lily still wants to still call her Curious.  Jeff & Ian think her name should be Kevin, for the bird in Up (was a girl, but Russell insisted on calling it Kevin).  Then they said her name could be Alice Kevin Adey (AKA).  ;)

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6 Sweet Comments:

Laura S Reading said...

Congratulations! I think SHE picked you. Your two older cats are fabulous (as well as the new addition.)
That they are all eating together means much progress has been made toward harmonious living.

Adrienne said...

100% Precious!

Shelly said...

It always takes a lot of willpower to go into that place and not come out with a kitten.. we were very close a couple times!


Masshole Mommy said...

I love the name Alice, although I like Curious, too. Congrats on your newest family member!

jaime said...

I love her!!! And I totally think you should rename her Alice Kevin. :) Such a great cat name!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

I see why you were not able to resist her. She is absolutely the sweetest!

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