Friday, September 6, 2013

First Day of School 2013

Yesterday was the kids first day of school. 

Like every other year I took lots of photos.

When I say lots, I mean way too many.  ;)

 I say this every year, but I can not get over how much bigger they are from last year.
Ian didn't want me to take photos of him holding the paper...but I told him he had to.  I am a meany like that.
Then Ian was off to the bus stop...but I made him take one more photo...with the paper.  :)
Well at least I thought he was off.  He was supposed to be picked up around 7:30 (1st period starts at 8am), but the bus never came until almost 8:15.  Jeff grabbed him around 8:00 from the bus stop and then drove him and his friend into school.  The Middle school buses were a mess yesterday.

Then it was Lily's turn.
Lily had to wait a bit longer to get on the bus.  She doesn't get picked up until almost 9:00.  When we went back out for her to leave...she was sooo ready for the bus to come.  Such a goofball.

And she was off. 
The kids had a great day at school.  

I was going to create this post yesterday, but I had an eye exam and this time they dilated my eyes....I couldn't see anything most of the time the kids were in school.

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Masshole Mommy said...

As moms, don't we always take way too many photos? They both look very happy to be going off to school and I'm glad they had great first days.

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