Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pokemon FINALLY!

Ian has LOVED pokemon for what seems like forever!  At least to him forever.  Recently I had a customer ask me to make a couple pokemon characters and the pokeball as Christmas ornaments.  Ian was soooo excited that someone wanted a Pokemon!  After years of making girly ornaments I am finally making Pokemon.  I mean he really wanted to sit next to me an watch me make them!!  When he woke up and saw this on my tray yesterday he told me he thought I had his figurine on it...score mom...I feel great about my version of Snivy.  Now I just need to make him some.  :)

{Sneak Peek of Snivy from Pokemon I posted to Facebook}

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2 Sweet Comments:

Unknown said...

Adorable ... we sure went through a LONG Pokemon phase at our house too! (you're so good at what you do!)

Blond Duck said...

What a cute idea! I just love your ornaments.

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