Friday, September 14, 2012

Dear So & So Friday

Dear Melanie,
You missed a week....
Sincerely your blog

Dear Blog,
I know, I know.  Story of my life.  Get in line with the rest of my to-do list.

Dear Jeff,
Thank you for finally cleaning up your tools.  The Florida Room looks soooo much better without the boxes of junk.
Love, me

Dear Ian,
Please STOP teasing your sister.  It's really really annoying! 
Frustrated MOM

Dear Lily,
I am glad you like school.  You have been doing great with everything.
Proud Mommy

Dear West Seneca Bus Garage,
Please get your crap together when it comes to the busing of my daughter.  I have been watching the route and clearly someone was on drugs when they mapped it out.  I also shouldn't have had to call to request my daughter have a seat to sit in when she gets on the bus.  She is 5 and in Kindergarten...she should be in the front and seated before you start to drive.  Also, being 20-30minutes late to pick her up every morning and dropping her off in the afternoon is ridiculous.  What is going to happen when there is snow on the ground?
Sincerely, one of the many moms who are going to be a thorn in your side because of this.

Dear Man On Top of Bridge,
You are a moron!  You climbed on top of the bridge to "check out the view," and once you got up there, you became too frightened to climb down?...Seriously!!  WTH?
West Seneca Resident that drove under you.

Dear Jeff ( with super vision)
Thank you for pointing out the man on top of the bridge.  I thought you were going crazy when you said there was someone standing on top of the metal girder above the bridge.  Thank you for turning around and proving to me you are not crazy.
Your Disbelieving wife.

Oh and here is a photo of the MORON on top of the bridge.  (we drive over this bridge almost daily and it is really close to where I live.)  When we drove under him he was standing up there with his hands on his hips watching traffic go back and forth.  Cops finally were on scene a few minutes after we drove past him the 2nd time. We didn't stick around because Jeff was afraid he may be a jumper and the kids were in the car....they didn't need to see that.

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Ashley & Kevin said...

My son rides the bus and was coming home late everyday as well. I finally wet above everyone's heads and contacted the head of transportation and guess what? He's home 15 minutes EARLY now!

Good luck!

Ps I really love all the funny letters!

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