Friday, August 31, 2012

Dear So & So Friday

Dear Melanie,
You are late today with your blog post.
Tisk, Tisk
Your blog.

Dear Blog,
Sorry but I was busy packaging, dealing with kids and finally uploading photos to my facebook fan page. Better late than never.

Dear Lily,
The whining is getting to everyone.  PLEASE STOP!
Thank you very much,

Dear Ian,
You are just getting way too tall.  You are going to make mommy feel like a shrimp one day soon, but lets not do that tomorrow....stop growing for a few days.
Thank you for listening,

Dear Jeff,
Sorry that I disapointed you by saying no to camping this weekend.  I just didn't have it in me to not sleep for 2 days.  I am glad we are going to visit them though.  I do enjoy Watkins Glen, just not the outside tent camping thing.
Love your wife who prefers hotels or at least cabins.  :)

Dear Sharon,
See you tomorrow.  Promise to have a better attitude.  It's amazing what sleep does for me. 
;) Melanie

Dear Melanie,
You didn't blog anything about last years camping trip...
Get on with it already, your blog

Dear Blog,
Seriously.  I guess I didn't.  Let me go find a photo....
Here is one of the photos I took...

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2 Sweet Comments:

Unknown said...

LOL!!!! I am seriously laughing out loud! I can relate! Sooooo funny!

~ Noelle said...

i am a hotel girl too.. cant do camping.

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