Friday, June 1, 2012

Dear So & So

Dear Melanie,
You forgot to write a Dear So & So post last week.  Not to mention you have been slacking on the posts again.
Sincerely, your blog

Dear Blog,
Sorry about that.  I was a bit busy trying not to panic too much over all of the orders.
Will try and do better, your creator.

Dear Facebook,
Grrr!!  You have been very frustrating lately.  :(  While I am not a fan of change typically, I do try and go with the flow.  This week asking "fan pages" to pay per post to have their fans see their posts is just ridiculous and frustrating.  Not to mention, I don't see most of the things I want to see on my personal page anymore.  I am sorry, but something someone posted 6hrs ago is not most recent.  Yes, that may be in the top stories...but NOT most recent.  I have too many friends and 'like' lots of pages for that to happen.  Not to mention the last week after changing everything, FB has been SLOW or not working. 
Frustrated Facebook User

Dear Heidi & Vincent,
Happy Anniversary!!  Sorry you were feeling under the weather sis!
LOVE, your favorite sister

Dear Jeff,
Remember when Ian was a little peanut?
{Ian 5-31-03}
all dapper at my sister's wedding.
Sigh.  Damn. WE are getting old. 
{Lily 7-8-08}

Love mel.  (PS, so what if I have lots more grey hair?)

Dear Ian,
I was and am very proud of you!  You did a wonderful job on Saturday! 
Love, mom

Dear Lily,
Thank you for starting to eat again.  Yes, it makes me happy to see you actually eat what is put in front of you without giving me a hard time.  Let's keep it up.
Love, mommy

Dear Jeff,
Only 38 more days until our vacation!!!  Doing a little happy dance.  It's so close I can feel it.  WDW here we come!
Love, mel

Dear So and So...

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3 Sweet Comments:

Wendy Irene said...

I understand your frustration with Facebook. I like G+ a lot but hardly anyone uses it. Maybe I'll see you there ;-) Have a great weekend, Melanie!

Kat said...

Me and FB had a talk. It seems to be just like my kids, in one ear out the other. *sigh*

Lauranie said...

I think I have given up on fb...only going on when I check a message or update that comes through my email. I couldn't imagine having to use it for a business!! And speaking of business....damn girl!! You are all full of BUSYness ;) Have I mentioned how JEALOUS I am of your countdown???!! We still have 173 days....UGH!!!!

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