Friday, June 8, 2012

Dear So & So - Madagascar Edition

Dear Jeff, Ian & Lily,

Love, Me  :D

Dear Dad,
Click through the link in your e-mail and actually open my blog....and then watch the clip above and smile.
Love, Melanie it for the girls.  :D

Dear McDonalds,
I was so excited to see you had the Madagascar toys....but was soooo disappointed to see there is not a Polka Dot Afro Zebra.  Obviously that was really poor planning by someone.  I am sure I am not the only person that was surprised that there wasn't one.
Disappointed Customer

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2 Sweet Comments:

Adrienne said...

Hahahaha! I haven't seen the movie (or any of them...I know, sorry!) but I am heading to McDonalds to get the sassy penguin dude for my (22 yo) son! Hahahaha!

momto8 said...

haha happy meals are supposed to make everyone happy!

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