Saturday, June 30, 2012

Crazy Fun

If you are a fan on facebook(or even follow me on facebook posts link there), you already know this...

It has been a CRAZY fun few days.

I decided to to a couple Ready to Ship days over on my fan page.  Keep in mind most of the time my items are made after payment.  With that said, I do try and make "extras" on some items.  BUT, because I receive so many orders a week, my ready to ship inventory changes daily.

Well...all current orders that I took before I closed up shop were filled and mailed on Monday so I decided to do a couple ready to ship days with what inventory I had over on my facebook page.

Then the fun began...
2 days of posting photos and lots of comments...led to lots of sorting and boxes...
Most of those boxes went out yesterday and a few more are going out today.

It was Crazy Fun!

I am very grateful to all everyone who purchased my Ready to Ship items.  For those of you who didn't snag something keep in mind that ALL of these can be remade/ordered when I return from vacation by either sending me a list of what you would like via e-mail (melanieadey at hotmail dot com), a PM me on my facebook page or ordering directly on my website.

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2 Sweet Comments:

Michelle said...

Yeah for getting so much accomplished and have a fun tie on vacation.

Liz Mays said...

Your idea of fun is well....not mine.

But I adore you.

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