Friday, May 4, 2012

Dear So and So

Dear Bob,
Happy Birthday!!  Hope you have a wonderful day!

Dear Jeff,
I am sorry you cut yourself while helping me.  I seriously thought you were going to need stitches.
Love you!

Dear Lily's Teacher,
CONGRATS on your new arrival!  He is beautiful!  Lily & Ian were super excited this morning when I showed them the photo of the baby.  :)
Lily & Ian's mommy

Dear Beth,
Thank you for driving to the farm.  It was nice to get to know everyone better!
Not to mention I would have gone to the wrong farm.  O_o
Lily's mommy

Dear Lily,
Please stop telling me there are "bad" pieces in food!  It is driving us nuts.  I am not going to feed you something that is bad.  I DO NOT want a repeat of Monday morning!!  The reason you felt sick on Monday was because you didn't eat enough on Sunday. 
Love, mommy

Dear Ian,
I am just in awe of you.  I can not wait to see you march in the parade.
Love, Mom
{Ian is the one with the big white sousaphone.}

Dear customers,
I truly love making special pieces for you.  Thank you!

Dear Amy,
I almost forgot to post. O_o

Dear So and So...

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