Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Citar - Jazz

All music is beautiful. ~ Billy Strayhorn
On Friday night, Ian took part in the 19th West Seneca District Band Music Festival as the only Tuba player in the whole festival.  He was also one of the only two 5th grade students that were asked to play with in the festival for his school.  He got to play with the Trombonist, James Burton III.
We could not have been prouder.  :D
Ian has decided he wants to join Cadet Band.  Because Cadet Band is a marching band, Ian can not play his tuba.  Instead he is playing a Sousaphone (it's just like a tuba, but wraps around your body).  Last Thursday, Ian tried out the Sousaphone for the 1st's huge!  No mistaking where he is when looking at the group of kids, LOL. Thankfully we can leave it at the high school. I don't think I could figure out where to put a Tuba and a Sousaphone in this tiny house. O_o 

So to keep score, this year Ian is in the regular band, regular jazz band, district band, district jazz band & cadet band.  He is enjoying every minute of it & his teacher is awesome!!  Keep up the good work sweetie!  (And yes, I need to buy him new pants....he grew like a weed over the last few months.  I did buy him new shoes, though.)
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Adrienne said...

AWESOME!! What an honor!

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