Friday, April 20, 2012

Dear So & So - week?

So I have not done this in a while.  Ok, it's been FOREVER.

Dear Jeff,
Thank you for taking care of me when I was really sick.  I know it was very difficult to do.  I am glad you have a new appreciation for what I do on a daily basis. 
Your ever loving wife.

Dear Ian,
It's crazy that you can remember crazy details about the books you read, but you can not remember to pick up your clothes and put them down the laundry shoot.  I remember a time when you loved throwing things down the shoot....what happened?  Putting clothes in the hall next to it doesn't count.
Love, your mom.

Dear Lily,
Please, please, please, please, please stop repeating yourself!  Just because you didn't like my answer the first time does not mean if you ask me 30 more times you are going to get a different answer.  Geesh!
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, Your exhausted mommy.

Dear Fat,
Please melt off my body faster!  Thank you very much for the warmth you have given me for the last few years, but summer is coming and I want to be thinner.  While I am glad 14.5lbs of you have melted off already, I would like to see much more of you go bye bye.
Hope to never see you again, Thank you!

Dear Disney Store,
Why did you have to close ALL 3 of our stores in the Buffalo area?  I wish you would have kept at least 1 open!?!?  I miss taking my kids into your store and looking at everything.  While I can still shop on-line, it's just not the same.  The closest one now is 2.5hrs away in Syracuse.  :(
Sincerely, saddened customer.

Dear kids,
Thank you for understanding that mommy was really sick last week during your Easter break.  I am sorry it was boring.  :(
Love, Your mommy.

Dear Jeff,
Thank you for the road trip on Friday.  We all needed to get out of the house.
Love you, mel
 {photo from our road trip to the Carousel Mall in Syracuse}

Dear Amy,
I am sorry it took so long to write one of these posts.  I am not sure why I ever stopped.
Hope I made your day.  :)

=) melanie

Dear So and So...

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2 Sweet Comments:

Liz Mays said...

I've been writing that letter to Fat for a long time now and I think Fat is throwing them in the trash without reading them. :(

What's up with the Disney stores closing? I don't like this news!

Unknown said...

Hahaha! I haven't seen "one of these posts before." Too cute!

We just had a new mall open up in Salt Lake City and it DOES have a Disney store! We had one, it closed several years ago, and now we have one again! (Libby loves it!) How sad that they took away three stores in your area! That totally stinks for you! :(

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