Friday, April 27, 2012

Dear So and So

Dear Snow,
Please go away until next winter.  While I really appreciate the mild winter after dumping on us last year, I really am over winter.
Thanks a bunch, resident of Buffalo

Dear Jeff,
I wonder if we got married during the age of cell phones (yes I am showing my age here) would I still be listed under Melanie Warren in your cell phone?  (and yes, you would have a cell phone...I know you hate them, but if we were younger you would own one.)
Love your wife, Melanie Adey  ;P

Dear Ian,
I can't wait to go to your concert tonight.  I couldn't be prouder that you are are playing in District Jazz band.  I am glad you are doing so well and you enjoying playing the tuba. 
LOVE you, mommy

Dear Mom,
Thank you so much doing so much for me!  I had a great time last weekend and appreciate all that you did for me.  You are sooo talented.
Forever Grateful & LOVE you lots!

Dear Dad,
Thank you for listing me talk your ear off about Disney.  I am really looking forward to taking you guys with us next year. Definitely need to get some Crème Brûlée when we go.
Love you!

Dear Heidi,
I had a wonderful time last weekend.  It was so much fun to have a girls day.  We hadn't done that in sooo long.  Moe's was very yummy and I definitely will take Ian there. 
Your favorite sister.  ;D

Dear Lily,
You do the cutest things.  Taking the ballet shoe that is for your build a bear and using it as a "nightcap" on your little pink poodle was just adorable!  Please never lose your imagination, it's priceless.
Still smiling, mommy

Dear Fat,
Mad now.  I think you are throwing out my letters.

Dear Amy,
Wow, this is 2 weeks in a row.  Not going to jinx it and start numbering them again.  o_O
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Dear Denny, Bill, Jamie & Jim,
Thank you for sitting for me to take pictures on Easter.  Your grandparents really like the photos.
Love, Aunt Melanie 

Dear Jamie,
What is that face you are making?!? o_O

Dear So and So...

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2 Sweet Comments:

Liz Mays said...

Your cell phone letter to Jeff makes me laugh! Ian plays the tuba? Wow, that's a whopper of an instrument!

~ Noelle said...

i love each of the letters.. but the cell phone makes me laugh the most :)

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