Monday, January 2, 2012


For Christmas we gave my husband's mom a frame.  A frame that had a saying about grandmas.  I typically would give a frame with a photo in it.  This time I put a post it note where the picture would be.  I wrote, "This space is where a picture of all your grandchildren go."  While I have LOTS of photos of my kids that I could put in the frame, there are no photos of all of the grandkids together.  I decided to rectify that this year.
Here is one of their silly takes.
Thank you guys for sitting for the photo.  (I know how much you LOVE, hate, tolerate my camera.) Your grandmother will love it.
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4 Sweet Comments:

Anonymous said...

Awww great photos. We do this for my inlaws every year since they are in FL and all the grandchildren are here in NY.

Adrienne said...

Love cousin photos! We have to do a real one and some silly ones every time they're all together!

Liz Mays said...

She really will love it! :)

Teresa said...

Love the second picture :)
2011 I told everyone that we are doing family pictures on the holidays when we all get together. They have turned out great.

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