Tuesday, December 27, 2011


About a week ago, my family came up to visit from PA.  It was so nice to see my parents and my sister's family. 

While they were here, I asked my nieces if they would like me to make them a mermaid lala ornament. 

First I sat down with the youngest and she picked out her colors and hairstyle. 
Then I took the my other nieces order...she picked alot of sparkly clay.
When Lily saw me creating the one above she decided she wanted one of her own...with what she called a bun bun on her head.

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2 Sweet Comments:

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness those are adorable! I want to just eat up all of those lalaloopsy items!!! I bet those little girls loved having their very own, special mermaids ... custom made! ;)

Unknown said...

These are so cute! I bet they had a blast making them.

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