Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordful Wednesday - 2011

This is what going to grandma & grandpa's house looks like in the year 2011.
All of the grandchildren on some electronic device.  (My other nephew, not in the photo, is in the opposite corner with his cell phone out.)
Funny how things have changed since I was a kid. 

I can still remember my cousins bringing their Nintendo with the original Mario bros with them to my grandparents house and watching him play it in my grandparent's family room.  Am I showing my age?  ;P

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6 Sweet Comments:

Adrienne said...

Hysterical! And so true! My poor parents adjusting to the "devices" that came/come with my kids (and me!) everywhere!! Ah well. Visit my blog post from yesterday...gave you a shout out!

Liz Mays said...

Wow! That really is a snapshot of today!

Colette S said...

That is an interesting shot of how things have changed.

Anonymous said...

Haha, that's so true of this day & age. Our family get togethers look like that too!

New follower here from the blog hop

Texas Type A Mom said...

That's hilarious! Funny enough that's what the older kids are doing now too (read 20/30 year olds) at our gatherings.

Finding Charm said...

I remember that. I loved that game and was the first to master it. I've been trying to explain the game that we played to the kids now and they just don't get. "You had to take turns?"

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