Friday, September 23, 2011

Flashback Friday

November 4th, 1997
My 24th Birthday
Tops Markets Inc.
The people I worked with ROCKED!  When I came to work on my birthday this is what they did to my cube.  It totally made my day.  They were so sweet and even had a cake for me.  It's wild to look back at these photos.  I was so young.

I had started this job of August of that year.  I was an Office Supervisor for the Demo Department at Tops Markets Inc. in their Corporate Office.  Tops Markets is a supermarket chain that is based out of Buffalo.  I basically billed vendors for the demonstrations (those ppl who hand you food to try at the stores) along with other duties.  After a couple years of working there Tops sold the department to another company, but I stayed with Tops doing the same thing but only I moved to the accounting department.  The last day I worked there was the day I gave birth to my son on July 18, 2001.  When I was pregnant the company had decided to move our accounting department to another location....I was to be 'laid off' the Friday after I had my son so I ended up laid off after maternity leave.  While I love being a SAHM, I do miss that job.

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Liz Mays said...

Wow, they really loved you there! They decorated your cubby like crazy!!!

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