Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordful Wednesday - Faux hawk

Yesterday, Ian declared it was time to go chop off all that long hair.  He decided he wanted a Faux Hawk.  I wish I would have brought my camera with me to take photos of the hair dresser cutting his hair.  It was fun to watch because his hair was so long.  So instead when we got home I took photos of Ian rocking the Faux Hawk.

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6 Sweet Comments:

Tai Bender said...

faux hawk AND a perry the platapus shirt! AWESOME post! :)

Wendy Irene said...

His smile is contagious :)

Unknown said...

I did take my camera when my son was going from a long shag to a crew cut ... the girl took over an hour to cut it too. She was new. We didn't like it.

Ian's is adorable!

Martina said...

He looks COOL! Such a cute kid. Have a great weekend :)

AmyZ said...

he is a doll! great haircut! talk to you soon! xoxo amy

Finding Charm said...

I think it's nice that he plays to the camera. I know several boys around that age that would or will not ever do that - play to the camera. I like the faux hawks. You can still make them wear it nice for a wedding or something. But it's a great cut for the summer.

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