Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pretty Princess

A couple days ago I showed you the jewelry I made my daughter for our Disney trip.  Here are the outfits she is wearing with them.

Our first day at in the parks is going to be on Mother's day.  We have our reservations already made to eat at Cinderella's Castle.  This is the dress I bought for Lily to wear.
She is going to wear it with this necklace and these korker pony-o's.

<-----Remember this outfit?  I wanted to let you know I got it here.  I bought an extra pink skirt to go under the tutu (in case she doesn't want to wear it all day).  I made this necklace & bracelet to go with it.
I asked my mom to make a couple things for Lily, too.  Lily and I went to JoAnn's and picked up some things.  =)

She made this Rapunzel skirt.
And she embellished this jean skirt.  (Lily really wanted this Sleeping Beauty patch on something and this is what we came up with.)  My mom added a pleated ruffle around the bottom.
I bought one more outfit for the trip.  I bought the tee at Old Navy (they were really cheap) and I got the skirt at The Children's Place.
Yep, I am neurotic.  Happy and neurotic.  ;)
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8 Sweet Comments:

sassypackrat said...

She'll be the best dressed girl there! Too cute!

Unknown said...

Oh my word ... she will be decked out adorably!!! (Is that a word?!?!?) :) So cute!!!

Pretty Things said...

That is GORGEOUS! I love my son, but this makes my heart go sigh!

Wendy Irene said...

Awe, I LOVE that you have the outfits picked out!! She is going to look stunning and feel stunning too :)

Nancy Elizabeth Carey said...

awww i SO remember those princess days...seems like just yesterday! cute! xoxo's Nancy

vivian said...

Happy and Nuerotic can go hand in hand! YOur little girl is so lucky.. I love everything you made for her. shes going to have a magical time. dont you have a son too ?? what will he be wearing?
Youre an awesome mother. I always forget that you live nearby, one day we really should meet for lunch!
have a great trip!

Finding Charm said...

Great ensembles! She'll have the best time at the Castle. Such a magical event.

~ Noelle said...

can not wait to see all the pics.
she is going to be so cute~

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