Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Celebrations

We celebrate Christmas with my husband's family the Sunday before Christmas.  My in-laws started this tradition many years ago and it works for everyone beautifully.

This year my father-in-law did the shopping.  If you know my in-laws, this is VERY odd.  My mother-in-law LOVES to go shopping for each grandchild.  But my mother-in-law has been sick for the past couple years (she has an overactive thyroid).  At the beginning of November the drs finally decided that they would give her the radioactive pill to kill her thyroid.  Well....the pill has not killed it yet.  :(  She is still not feeling well.  Hopefully everything will level out soon and she will feel better.

Onto the father-in-law explained that he found someone to help him with his "list" he was given by his wife.  It was hilarious.

This year Lily got lots of Squinkies
and Ian got a Paper Jam Guitar.
They were both very happy children.
On a different note...when did my baby get so big?!  I have to share that I am very proud of him.  He would have made the honor roll this marking period (the new principle did away with the merit & honor rolls this year).  He has been working his tail off.
Hope you are enjoying all of your holiday celebrations.
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7 Sweet Comments:

Dumb Mom said...

Been curious about those paper guitars. They're fun, eh?!

my little blogspot said...

Adam is getting paper jamz from santa this year! Have a safe a merry christmas!

Anonymous said...

I hope your MIL is feeling better soon. My mom started her radioactive pill 2 weeks ago and is still so very tired. Just had a scan yesterday to see if it is working yet. The kids look like they had a great time. My son wants a Paper Jams but they are sold out here:( Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!

Unknown said...

What fun that looks like! Congrats to Ian for working so hard, when do they get so big?!
Merry Christmas to you and your family, may it be a Wonderful One!

Pretty Things said...

Oh I hear you about when did they get so big! It scares me.

Zack is getting a guitar for Christmas, too!

Wendy Irene said...

Merry Christmas Melanie and family!!!!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family Melanie!

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