Friday, February 26, 2010

Dear So and So... wk5

I am late today posting anything.  I had many errands to run in the snow.  

Dear SUV Drivers,
Just because you own a bigger vehicle, doesn't mean you should drive like a bonehead in the snow. 
Waving at you in the ditch, melanie

Dear Dad,
Sorry to hear you broke 2 toes.  Hope your foot heals fast.
Love you, melanie

Dear Horse,
Stay of my dad's foot!
Pretty Please, melanie

Dear Ian,
I am soooo proud of you!!  You were a ROCK STAR while getting blood drawn today!  When you get home those 3 Bakugan are yours and we are taking you to Chuck E Cheese this weekend.
Big hugs, mommy

Dear Person Who Drew Ian's Blood,
You were absolutely FANTASTIC with my son!!  Thank you so much for that!
Very Thankful, Ian's mommy

Dear Lily,
Mommy really needs you to take a nap.  No one wants to be around a whiny child.
In search of sanity, mommy

Dear Mom,
I finally got around to listing the deer.  Here she is.  I also made an ornament (not listed yet).
Love, melanie

Psst...There are a bunch of Bakugan on clearance at Target.

Dear So and So...

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10 Sweet Comments:

Alyssa S. said...

I love your sweet deer! She is precious. Sorry about your dad's toes....OWWWWWWW. I wish I had and could drive a tank...I'd totally plow over all of the rude Humvee drivers on the road!!

Nicola said...

Love the pendant, it's so pretty and delicate!! My son is mad about Bakugan too!!!! Sounds like Ian was very brave and deserving of his new ones take care.

Braley Mama said...

I am so glad the flabatomist(sp) was gentle. It makes a world of difference! Hope your dad feels better son! HAve a great weekend!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

What a sweet deer. I bet your daughter has her eye on it. :)

Congrats to your son for being so brave. he deserves those bakugans.

I'm shaking my hand at that SUV driver as well for you.

Hope you get rest and relaxation this weekend. You deserve it!!

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Oh yes, and I hope your dad's toes get better soon!

Amanda said...

That is an adorable deer! I wish I could make stuff like that!

And ow, ow, ow! I hope your dad's toes feel better soon.

Unknown said...

I love your little notes!! Sorry to hear about your dad's toes and your son having to have his blood drawn -- hope you guys had a good time at Chuck e Cheese!!

Anonymous said...

Love this meme very fun! Love the deer :)

Annette Piper said...

Oh dear, one of those days, eh!? I'm not having the best one myself... dear bulls, please don't rub up against the tap, turn it on and run out a whole tank full of water..... dear trough, please don't get stuck on because your level dropped so low (blame the bulls) and then run 12 hours of pumped water down the hill.... dear husband, please come home and look after the farm - I'm tired!! And my goodness its only 8.49am!! I hope the day gets better!!!

Kimberly said...

A horse stepped on your dad's foot? Oww!

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