Friday, January 29, 2010

Dear So and So... wk1

Dear So and So...

 I'm participating in Kat's weekly opportunity to address some things that I need to get off my chest. I have been wanting to try this out.  So here I go.

Dear Snow & Cold,
I am over you already, please make way for spring.
Shivering, melanie

Dear Neighbor,
Please do not snow blow your driveway at 6am.  Especially since you don't mow your lawn like why the urgency to remove the snow?
Annoyed, Melanie

Dear Lacy (my kitty),
Please stop chewing on plastic bags!
You are driving me insane, Human Mommy

Dear Husband's boss' wife,
Please pay us the $5000 you owe us.  We would like to pay off some debt.
Tired of waiting, melanie

Dear Lily,
Please stop throwing all out fits.  When you do your voice sounds like you have smoked a whole pack of cigarettes for a couple of days.
Hugs, mommy

Dear Excema,
Enough already.  Relax...the sun will be here soon.
Tired of Itching, Melanie

Dear Ian,
Please stop chewing with your mouth open.  You are driving me INSANE.
I am going to stop giving you crunchy food.
Love, mommy

Dear Extreme Home Makeover,
Thank you so much for coming to Buffalo and showing what we are all about.  (you can find it here) I was soooo excited to hear yesterday that you are coming back to do another show here.
Extremely proud, melanie

Dear New Followers & Readers of my Blog,
THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.  I am floored I am over 500 followers now! is a sneak peak.

Honored, melanie

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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13 Sweet Comments:

Kimberly said...

Love, love, love this!!! (Especially the one to the bosses wife.) hehe! This is the coolest thing I've seen in a while.

Merry said...

This is s a great list. I hope the Husband's boss' wife gets an ESP message. Love the sneak peak.

Kat said...

I hate neighbors like that. We had a neighbor who literally would mow the yard twice a summer. I used to have to tell my oldest not to go near their yard because snakes might be in the tall grass.

Treasia Stepp said...

I love this post. Can we all play?

Teresa said...

Dear Mrs. Melanie...
Oh how I wish I wasn't hosting a PINK Party on my blog...
I'd pop right over there NOW and get a few things off my chest too!
I know you feel so cleansed!
Happy Weekend!

Joey Lynn Resciniti said...

It is 7 degrees here right now. I shall copy your note to the snow and cold.

Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

$5000 wow, she needs to pay up. At least start paying her debt down with payments!

I would be way over the snow, the rain here has been bad enough!

Braley Mama said...

I love the one to your daughter:) Ha! And I feel your pain.

the wild raspberry said...

that was fun...
did it make you feel better?


BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

My little man has eczema and it's awful when it gets cold. Thankfully we live in Florida. You should consider that. Ah ha ha

Shelly said...

This is a cool meme, I may have to try this too..

one of my cat's also chew on anything plastic, totally drives me nuts too!

I didn't know Home makeover is coming back here! That's great, they did such a great job when they were here, can't wait to see what they do next to improve a buffalo neighborhood!

inadvertent farmer said...

That is a good list...especially the annoying neighbors! How is it that such beautiful little ones can throw such ugly fits? Kim

Tabitha Blue said...

Haha, the itchy skin thing is insane this time of the year!! I'm about to put my girl into an oatmeal bath!!

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