Monday, November 23, 2009

Fried Provalone Cheese

My parents are vegetarians. They became vegetarians when I was really young. They are not vegan or in your face about it, but they do not eat meat. They do eat seafood, eggs and dairy products. My parents let my sister and I eat meat growing up. My mom would buy my sister and I chicken noodle soup, but my parents never ate it. I am no longer a vegetarian, but my sister and her family are. I do however LOVE getting cheese subs still and both of my children LOVE vegetables. My mother is an awesome cook and baker.

So onto the fried provolone cheese. As a vegetarian, BLT's are not really an option. Now a days you can purchase what I like to call fakin bacon, but back then they didn't have anything like that. My mother was watching Phil Donahue one morning in 1983 and saw Nikki & David Goldbeck on the show. They were promoting their book, American Wholefoods Cuisine (Over 1300 meatless common wholesome recipes from short order to gourmet). My mother thought the Fried Provolone Cheese looked yummy and went to our local bookstore and had them order the book. When my mom fried it we usually had a CLT (cheese, lettuce, tomato) sandwich that night. It is yummy on it's own and my kids and husband will eat it that way, too. husband is REALLY picky and is a meat & potatoes kind of guy and he likes it. One of my BBF's is even pickier than my husband and she asked me why I never made her try it before (I had her try it a couple years ago). She now makes it, too.

It is really simple to do. Place a slice of cheese (I just used regular slices I bought at the deli) in a hot non stick frying pan. When the edges get a bit crispy use tongues and flip the cheese. When the other side looks golden brown take out and drain, like you would if you fried bacon.

My mom also makes Onion Soup using the recipe she found in this book and it is FANTASTIC! MMMmmm...wish my picky husband liked Onion Soup.

I have to apologise for the tutu post. (if you were here earlier you know what I mean) I posted that on the wrong week and it will be back next Monday.

I have a favor to ask of my blog readers. I entered my swirly santa ornament in the Michaels Handmade Holiday Contest. I would LOVE to win. (who wouldn't?) Would you please go here and give me 5 snowmen. No need to register...just click through and click 5 snowman (under the picture of my santa click on the last snowman). Thanks a bunch!!

Please note: You can vote once a day.

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Beedeebabee said...

Hi Melanie! This looks yummy. I stopped eating meat 10 years ago, but like your parents, I eat some fish and dairy. I'm going to try this, and also look for the book! Thanks! Hugs, ;)

Melanie said...

Yum! I don't eat meat simply because it makes me gag. I have no idea why. Thanks for this post!

I have tried voting. I absolutely LOVE your Santa. I don't know if my vote is going through. My computer is acting a bit cranky today but I did try.

jaime said...

This sounds great! My husband and I used to buy the string cheese, cut it into small pieces (small round circles) and bake them. It's super easy, if you ever want to try it for your kids :)

kraftykash said...

Hi! I got your email about the ornament but didnt have anywhere to email you back. Can you send me your email so I can get you the info that you need. Thanks!! Kashoan

Kimberly said...

Hmm, that looks good! And it just about HAS to be healthier. I may try that. :)

Pesky Cat Designs said...


I also don't eat meat but do eat seafood, eggs and cheese. I've never fried cheese before but I have to try it now. Looks great!

The Royal Family said...

I SO SO SO need to try that yum!
I voted!
oh I need some stuff from your shop for christmas. Can we work out a deal in return for a blog review?? going shopping now.

Unknown said...

Mmmmm... look's delish!

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