Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Friday!

Today we went to the Buffalo Zoo. It is a beautiful day here and the weather finally warmed up (while I write this it is 81 degrees out). I packed a lunch for everyone and took my nephew with us.

The tiger was having fun playing with his ball.

My nephew told me his favorite animal were the bears.

Lily told me her favorite animals are the zebras.Ian's favorite animals are the Meerkats (or what we like to call the Timones)
We saw a couple mommy's with their babies!! There were a couple babies in their mamma's pouches....And my favorite a mommy and her baby giraffe...
I have a zoo pass and it rocks! We go to many reciprocal zoos that are free of charge. Not only do I have one where I live, my parents live near 2 zoos and 2 more a little over an hour away from my house.

So what did you do today?

5 Sweet Comments:

Anonymous said...

Um... I pulled weeds.
The tiger is soooo cute, playing with his ball!
And ya know what? We call them Timon(s) as well! That used to be my sons favorite too.

Andrea said...

Awesome! We live about two hours from a great zoo, but I wish we were close enough to go more frequently.

Julie said...

Hi Melanie-I have been to Buffalo Zoo before :) In fact, I was born and raised in western NY.

Anonymous said...

We went to the zoo too! We are also members! Maybe we'll run into you there sometime!

Amy Conner Zatlukal

Pretty Things said...

Tigers are awesome, but I love giraffes.

At our little tiny zoo in Salisbury, they have a "ball" like that for the bison.

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