Monday, January 26, 2009

Mamalicious Monday

Does your child have a favorite show they love to watch over and over and over again? We do, it's MeMe (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). I get to see every episode "again, again". While I love anything disney, I just wish they would make more episodes. I have also DVR'd House of Mouse. I like that one because they show some older Mickey Mouse cartoons.My daughter is such a fan and too funny. She has her mommy minnie, daddy mickey and baby minnie.

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4 Sweet Comments:

Chrisy said...

I used to looovvveee that show so much! It was a real fantasy land...where everybody was beautiful and happy and kind...and of course super talented....where lots of toys i'd never heard of would be given away to lucky viewers....ah...just going off on a little nostalgic dream...

Heather said...

Too cute! I especially love this post since we are going to Disney World in March & can't wait!
Thanks for participating in Mamalicious Monday!!

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Trish said...

Mine: Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.

My Nevan's: Bear in the Big Blue House (not the same as Breakfast with Bear!)

My Mayzie-girl's: Any Barbie movie, no TV shows.

My Meeka's: Little Einsteins

That said, I used to work for Disney, so I am somewhat partial... :) I so need a Disney trip right now! :)

Did I say, "Welcome to SITS!" yet?

Anonymous said...

I have to ask do you sell your mickey mouse creations. I am going totally handmade this year and would love to purchase some for my sister who loves mickey mouse.

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