Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Support Handmade!

I have to thank all of my customers at etsy and followers/subscribers of this blog. You have left me many kind words and I appreciate every comment! I treasure all of the handmade gifts I have received over the years...especially the ones my mom has made.
Ready to start your holiday shopping for the whole Family? Buy handmade this year. Stop by the FAM Made Holiday Gift Guide to find gifts for everyone in the whole family and even some handmade ornaments for the tree. Each item is carefully crafted by a Fabulous Artistic Mom of Etsy. Just click here to check it out. They are running lots of promos each day so definitely worth checking out.

Many Etsy sellers are participating in "Red Friday" this week with new shop updates and holiday listings. Here is a blog with a list of all participating... Red Friday. Please come on over and check out all the shops participating.

4 Sweet Comments:

Handmade Hullabaloo said...

WOnderful!! Thanx for plugging!! I will definitely check out Fam!!

Marjorie said...

Thanks for the info! I had not heard of red Friday...interesting! I am off to read more about it.

Creative Minds said...

Great blog!

Hey! Just wanted to let you know we have some exciting things going on right now. We have a scavenger hunt going on. And a BOGO sale. Check it out!

Unknown said...

Support Handmade and FAM! Hurray!

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