Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Birthday Fun

Today started out a bit rocky. My son got sick last night. I will spare you all of the details, but I was doing laundry at 10pm. Not fun. He seemed fine this morning. A bit tired, but fine. I decided that if he still felt ok we should go to the zoo this afternoon. So after my daughter's nap we ventured to the Buffalo Zoo.

This is a picture of the Elephant House which was built in 1912.

Today...In 1912...
Enough of history...

Here is our trip in pictures.

This is how the outing started...happy.

Lily wanted to hold Ian's hand, but he was upset he couldn't see some of the things he wanted to in the new Rainforest.

Checking out the lions and tigers...

He finally gave in and held her hand.

Lily having a meltdown because I would not let her pick up a pencil she found on the ground. What you can't see is the pencil is on the ground to the left. She kept trying to inch toward it.
Ian was upset and his sister gave him a hug.

It's hard being a sick 7 year old with a 2 year old sister

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Anonymous said...

Ah! yer kids are so cute and sweet looking...I hope they aren't really so perfect that they hug each other! (They do FIGHT, right?) Anyway, they look like nice people!

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