Monday, October 20, 2008

Blog Love

I have been tagged by 3 different fabulous blogs. Thank you guys so much for enjoying my blog and thinking of me.

First The Copper Cauldron gave me the the Butterfly Award.

Second I was tagged by allieart4children & Cooplet. One was for 7 random things and one was for 6 random things.

Ok, so here are 7 random things about me:

1. I love going to concerts...lots of concerts. I saw Alice In Chains (with the new lead singer) when I was 7mths pregnant with my daughter on my birthday 2yrs ago. BTW...awesome concert!

2. I almost never wear makeup. Only wear it for pictures and weddings. =)

3. I love to wear what I call my uniform in the winter...velour sweats. My family laughs at me, but they are so comfy.

4. I have naturally wavy hair. Hated it growing up. I used to blow dry it straight every day. Now I love to put gel in it and go.

5. I am married to a man I would have never dated in high school. He was head of the nerd herd and I dated jerks. Yep, I finally got smart and realized there were nice guys out there.

6. I love to scrapbook and I am a Creative Memories snob. I love putting my pictures in albums and seeing my children's reactions to what I have done. Also, 100% of what I use to do this is Creative Memories. Love their products! I go to scrap and spa every year and look forward to it all year.

7. My 35th birthday this year is on Election Day. It has fallen on Election day in the past, but not such an important one as this. It's going to be a memorable one.

I know you're supposed to pass the award/tags on to other bloggers, but because there are just so many blogs that I enjoy...I'm breaking the rules.

4 Sweet Comments:

Anonymous said...

This is the meme that never ends :D Just like the song...

I remember we compared concert notes once and had similar tastes! I am jealous of the sheer volume though!

Having always been a 'my own drummer' type I've dated the geeks pretty much my whole life. The NICE ones took a while to catch on to though.

And it'll be an interesting birthday for you!

Unknown said...

LOL, velour sweats. They are sooo comfy... and I can't wear them anymore because I got a little too comfortable in mine last year and didn't notice my 15 lb weight gain!!

My husband isn't anyone I would have dated in HS either.... mainly because he would have been a freshman when I was a senior! LOL, compared to me, he is practically a baby! Good thing British guys mature a little faster than American guys.

Sewinggranny - Mona said...

Hey that is great that so many are following your blog and adding you to theirs!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! We have SO MUCH in common (except for my bone straight hair and my age)--I first met my DH while attending Creighton Univ. as a theatre major. He was fresh out of graduate school and directed me in my first onstage kiss (not to him)! We were NOT each other's types then...12 years later we WERE!
If I don't look in the mirror it does not bother me to go to look at the faces of my kids! My sweats aren't fleece but they're comfy!

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