Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nana's Creations for Lily

Thank you everyone who stopped by and shared their wonderful comments on my last post. My mother was so happy & proud when she read the post and all of the nice comments. It's nice as a mother to know that you are/were appreciated for the work that you do.
Today I decided to share the beautiful clothing she made my daughter this spring. My daughter hasn't been able to wear these yet, but I know this spring she will be wearing them all. Now it all started with a bunch of fabric I found at Joanne's in the clearance section. Then I found a bunch of patterns I liked. I liked each pattern for one or 2 elements or pieces. I had all these ideas in my head of what I wanted, bits and pieces here and there....BTW very confusing! With my mothers help and patience, she made all of these lovely creations come to life.
I fell in love with this little lamb! She is adorable! Then I found out later that her name is Lily Lamb and that just made this all the more special. I had my mom make a 4 piece outfit around this fabric because I want my daughter to be able to where it for a while. There are 2 pairs of pants. (one is 2t and the other is a 4t pair of capris). There is a peasant blouse (size 2t) made out of polka dot material and a dress/long shirt (size 3t) made out of the lily lamb fabric.

My favorite parts of these outfits are the embellishments my mother did on the jeans. She is so talented with embroidery floss! It's so hard to show the texture in a photo of what she did, but it's absolutely gorgeous!

Next outfit was a sweet blue one she made. This set is a 2t. Simply adorable!

She added embellished ice cream and lollipops to the top.
This pink outfit all stemmed around the pink linen fabric I found in the clearance bin. I fell in love with the tiny pink and green flowered fabric.

Once again my mother out did herself with the flower embellishment.

Ok, while looking for complimentary fabric for the pink linen I found this awesome flower fabric...only later did I find out it was Alexander Henry fabric. We decided on a dress in a 4t. There are pants for this in the pink linen that my mother is putting one of the flowers on.When I found the pink linen in the clearance section, I also found a green/blue linen also. This one was a bit more challenging to find a coordinating fabric for the shade linen. I found these paisley prints and they worked out fabulous. This outfit is a size 2t.

I know these are not the last of the clothes my mother will make my daughter. Everything turned out fantastic and beautiful. Thank you once again mom!

8 Sweet Comments:

jessicajane said...

those outfits are too cute! great job!

thanks for referring lollishops to me! i got accepted :) look forward to making cupcake houses to sell there!

throughtherrainbow said...

Your mother is very talented. She should open a Etsy shop as well.

RetroRugrats said...

Very cute! throughtherainbow is right, Mom should be selling on Etsy.

Emily ~ Little Window Shoppe said...

These are beautiful, your mom is talented! I love the colors and the designs. It makes me wish that I could sew.

agoodwitchtoo said...

Wow but those outfits are adorable! Your mom is super talented and I loved your previous post with the clothes that she made for you and your sister!

Now your daughter gets the same experience and that is so cool!

Unknown said...

How cute!!!! Lucky little girl you've got! I have that same blue ice cream and sweets fabric, but I never would have thought to embroider on the images to make them extra cute!! What a lovely job she did on everything!!

NewMoonStudio said...

I love your blog! adorable outfits

Anonymous said...

very cute:) love the fabric.

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