Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Giveaway

I did it again! I found another giveaway. The blog Mommy Confessions is having a 100th post blog party. The party starts August 1st and runs through August 10th. To visit the party click on the 'Ask Mommy Super Summer Giveaway' button or here.

Also, don't forget to check out FAM's BACK TO SCHOOL Contest. This contest is running from July 28th through August 10th, 2008. To play find the Hidden Owls or make a purchase to be entered into a drawing for amazing FAM BUCK prizes. Go get all of the details here

2 Sweet Comments:

Michelle W said...

Hi! Thanks for commenting on Mommy Confessions and posting about our giveaway. Is there a way I could contact you to discuss something? You can drop me an email at Mommyconfessions at hotmail dot com

woolies said...

I do giveaways on my blog - drop on by!

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