Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Contests and Giveaways

As most of my friends know I love giveaways and contests. This past weekend I won a pair of earrings. Last week I won soap and a couple of weeks ago I won a gift certificate to a fantastic jewelry shop on Etsy. As I receive the items I will do write ups on the lovely shops and share my fantastic items I receive.

I received this fabulous Sweet Shea Butter Soap in the mail this week. This natural & organic soap is from the etsy store Soapcre8ions, I won this because I killed a thread on Esty Forums. I should have a complex, but I don't because this is fabulous bar of soap smells so good. I gave this to my friend today for a little something nice. She loved it!

Not only do they have homemade soaps, they also have spa salts, scrubs and balms.

The Etsy group I belong to, FAM, is running a Back to School contest. This contest is running from July 28th through August 10th, 2008. To play find the Hidden Owls or make a purchase to be entered into a drawing for amazing FAM BUCK prizes. Go get all of the details here

So I have spent the past couple of days entering blog giveaways. This site does this quarterly, maybe next quarter I will participate. Wow, when I started on Monday there were 100 as of this evening there are 900 of them. So many good things to win and so many great blogs to read. Check out the contest by clicking on the bloggy giveaways button on my page.

2 Sweet Comments:

Amy said...

Aren't give-aways totally addicting? Who would have thought?!? Come and enter mine at We're also hosting a huge give-away the end of August, Duke's Birthday Bonanza. First I got addicted to signing up for them now I want to host give-aways- AUGH! I need an!

Mason and Terri's Mom said...

over 1000 now! Thanks for entering btw!! :o) Good Luck!

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