Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me Monday - wk5

  • I did not decide this week that I am tired of being fat and definitely did not start to watch what I am eating. I did not pull out my weight watchers books once again to shed the pounds. I have @45lbs to loose. *sigh* Now that I put that in writing I do not have to stick to it. Nope!
  • On Saturday, I did not walk to the ice cream shoppe 2.2 miles (back & forth) with my family. I did not get a wow cow instead of a caramel sundae. BTW, we usually drive there and my husband thought I was nuts that I wanted to walk there. Like I said earlier, I am not tired of being fat.
  • Yesterday I did not spend way to much time looking at blog code. I am not trying to do a couple things to change up my blog.
  • On Sunday, I did not question what happened to customer service. I went to Subway and asked the girl behind the counter (while I was looking at the new rearranged menu) what the prices were and she told me in a nasty tone they were up there and pointed to the menu. Instead of asking me nicely what sub I was looking for and pointing it out, that is how I was treated. I then did not respond to her in a snotty tone that I asked her for a reason and I had no clue where anything was and that it was confusing. I should have left and went somewhere else.
  • I did not shed a tear while watching Jon & Kate plus 8 this week. I also did not question whether my son (he loves the show) should stop watching the show. I would never.
  • I did not question why manufacturers have to make little girl jeans hip huggers. Hello, do they think 2 yr olds have hips? Even with the adjustable waste they fall down. All I have to say is "say no to crack". HA
  • I was not hurt & pissed this week when another blogger left me a hurtful strange comment. I am not even more upset that when I asked her about the comment she couldn't have the common courtesy to e-mail me back.

This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

3 Sweet Comments:

Sara Sexton said...

Ignore those hateful people!

Great Not Me!

I'm with you on the lack of customer service! :)

Unknown said...

Good luck not-doing WW! I didn't do it and I didn't go from a size 16 to a size six!!

Oh wait... yes I did...

And EW on the girls hip huggers. It pisses me off that even the underwear has to be low-riding in order to wear low rider jeans. So gross! We get our jeans from the UK, where 3 year old girls are still kids, and not pre-teens.

LucieP said...

what is up with people and mean comments? awww....
I am glad I have boys....hip huggers for 2yr olds?! Seriously..!
Good luck on losing weight...I need to too!

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